The Ultimate Gift Guide for YA Readers

by Emily Ritter

The holidays are coming up, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting your friends and family gifts to show your appreciation and love! Here at Riveted by Simon Teen, we have something for everyone – readers, writers, book lovers, that one second cousin you see once a year, you name it! […]

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Covers That Give Us Heart Eyes

by Nicole Fiorica

We’ve been told since we were kids that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. And maybe that’s true. But I’m the sort of book lover who drags my begrudging friends through a bookstore just so I can pick up my favorite book (that I already own) and shove the cover into their faces and […]

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Start a Series You’ll Love!

by Janine Perez

If you’re anything like me, you’re someone who loves really diving into new worlds and characters. In my opinion, the most appealing thing about starting a new series is knowing that there’s so much to come and so much to learn. I love knowing that I’m going to have time to get to know and […]

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