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10 Books That Take Place on the Beach

by Emily Zhu

When it comes to summer, the beach is either at the top of everyone’s list or at the bottom. Sand? It’s either relaxing between your toes or messy beyond belief. The ocean? You either look forward to a nice, cool swim or you realize that you’re scared of fish. It’s a lot to take in. […]

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Why You Should Bring Paperbacks to the Beach

by Karen Masnica

After what seems like an endless winter and non-existent spring, summer is finally here! That means ice cream trucks, backyard barbecues, and my favorite way to spend the day: going to the beach! Here are some reasons why you should make sure your beach bag includes a paperback book (or more)! Why You Should Bring […]

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17 Books to Bring to the Beach

by Jess Harold

Summer days are best spent at the beach. Maybe you’re lounging at an all-inclusive resort sipping on fresh coconut water; or you could just be down at the local pool. But no matter how glamorous the location, the one thing you need for a great day at the beach is an amazing book. There’s so […]

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