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Behind the Book – The Making of Dark Inside

by Jeyn Roberts

Jeyn Roberts’s Dark Inside, currently one of our featured reads (read it here, available until November 14), celebrated it’s fifth anniversary last week. It’s a riveting post-apocalyptic story—or rather, an apocalyptic one, as it takes place during the apocalypse itself—in which four teens are forced to band together to survive as the world crumbles around […]

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Book List

The Definitive Carl and Judith Grimes Reading List

by Aubrey Churchward

As bookworms, we often escape the realities of our lives by diving into the worlds of the books we read. So imagine if your reality is fighting the undead, staving off enemies, trying to keep yourself alive with food and shelter, and dealing with a father who is going slightly off the deep end (c’mon Rick, get […]

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