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9 Books to Read While You’re Missing Sports

by Annika Voss

If you are anything like me, you love a good sports story. Classic David and Goliath tales as well as the romanticism of characters overcoming struggles. Sadly, there are no sports to watch right now. Fear not! These books are here to fill the void and give you everything you love about sports. 9 Books […]

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7 New Books by Award-Winning Authors

by Alissa Nigro

I don’t know about you, but now that the Winter is finally at an end and we’re all putting our learning caps back on, I’m so excited for Spring vibes to start. But if you’re ready for some stories you can sink your teeth into, take a look at our round-up of new novels from […]

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The Best Writing Advice from Authors You Love

by Jasmine Hodge

Like many readers, I have dreams of one day writing and publishing a book. As proven by every writer ever on Twitter and social media, myself included, WRITING IS HARD. A great thing, though, it how supportive, encouraging, and funny some of my favorite authors are when struggling with their own writing woes. Below are […]

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