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9 Books to Read While You’re Missing Sports

by Annika Voss

If you are anything like me, you love a good sports story. Classic David and Goliath tales as well as the romanticism of characters overcoming struggles. Sadly, there are no sports to watch right now. Fear not! These books are here to fill the void and give you everything you love about sports. 9 Books […]

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5 Times Friendship Turned to Romance

by Danielle Finnegan

One of my favorite types of romances to read in YA are friendships that turn into something more. While I love an insta-romance as much as the next person, relationships that start as a friendship are always so believable and heartfelt. Once I finish the book, I have no doubts that the couple will stay […]

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5 Reasons to Read After the Game

by Sam Benson

Guys, I’m so excited because the third book in the Field Party series, After the Game, is finally here! I’m such a big Abbi Glines fan that I knew even before opening this book that I would love it. Still, I was blown away by how much I fell in love with this story and […]

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