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YA Novels that Speak to Your Inner Artist

by Rachel Berquist

Are your notebooks covered in creative doodles that help you get through the endless hours of lecture? Do you love Instagram, not because of the socialization, but because you genuinely love photography and secretly use it as an outlet? Have you taken every media and art class that you could? Do you ever visit a […]

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The Perfect Book Recommendations for Aquarius!

by Thandi Jackson

Hmmm. It’s that period of the year when the holidays are over and everyone has pretty much given up on their resolutions. There are no more parties or family dinners. It can be a bit…dull, unless you’re an Aquarius. The Aquarius group is much more than what they seem. Sure, they love their alone time […]

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How Well Do You Know Will Herondale?

by Emily Ritter

Is Will your #1 Shadowhunter of all time? (Honestly, if he’s not, what are you doing?) Take this quiz to determine how well you know this fan-favorite character who stars in the Infernal Devices trilogy (and also my heart). How Well Do You Know Will Herondale?   Confirmed you’re a Will expert? Now take our […]

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Books to Read If You Miss Your Favorite TV Show

by Christian Vega

I’m sure you have a favorite TV show that you miss terribly. Even for the shows we love that are on break until the next season, it still feels like you’re waiting forever. When you find yourself missing your faves, we suggest you pick up a book that’s similar to fill that TV-shaped void in […]

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20 Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read in 2020

by Annika Voss

We have officially made it to 2020 and a BRAND NEW DECADE! Maybe you’ve already made your new Goodreads goal for the year, or like me, you are still trying to read all of the amazing books that came out in the last decade. Well either way, we have some truly amazing books coming out […]

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