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10 Standalone Novels You Can Read in One Sitting

by Nicole Fiorica

Picture this: you’re five pages from the end of an amazing book. You’ve been reading all night, and you’re almost at the end. Then you realize – this story isn’t wrapping up any time soon. There’s going to be a sequel. So now you’re going to be lying awake at night contemplating the dubious fates […]

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Enter The Poetry Month Sweepstakes

by The Riveted Team

In honor of April being Poetry month, we’re hosting a sweepstakes for some of our favorite books in verse. Enter The Poetry Month Sweepstakes The prize includes the following amazing books: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds For Every One by Jason Reynolds Jazz Owls by Margharita Engle One of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother […]

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18 YA Books Featuring Strong Female Characters

by Janine Perez

Some of my favorite female role models are fictional (though I’m not discounting the real ones!). These ladies are strong, independent, and inspirational. Oh, and they’re basically all badasses. Whether they’re physically, mentally, or emotionally strong (or all three), they’re characters that make me want to be the best that I can be. They’re interesting, complex, […]

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11 Historical Fiction Books You Don’t Want to Miss

by Jess Harold

From ancient Egypt to the grunge era, historical fiction novels are a fun immersive way to experience the past! Even if you’re not into togas or petticoats, sometimes it’s nice to escape modern times and immerse yourself in the action and drama in a different time period. Here is a list of our favorite historical fiction […]

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6 YA Toxic Friendships That Are #Relatable

by Rachel Berquist

Not every friendship is full of supportive emoji ridden texts, Starbucks runs, and late-night movie marathons. Instead of “I’ll be there” as a theme song, some friendships should use Britney Spears’ “Toxic” instead. Read this list for the toxic friendships that we can only hope we learned something from. 6 YA Toxic Friendships That Are […]

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