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13 Nerdy Knitting & Crochet Patterns

by Sarah Jane Abbott

In my time as a knitter, I’ve noticed that there is a big overlap between the knitting/crocheting community and fandoms. Thankfully for nerdy knitters like me, there is no end to patterns for things I just have to have, like my very own sorting hat or set of Game of Thrones dragon eggs.  I’ve collected […]

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Community Post

An Argument for Annotating

by Uzo

Inspired By Ariel Bissett WARNING: Attached pictures may contain The Darkest Minds spoilers! We’ve all met (or are) an avid book reader who’s obsessed with the condition of their books. Carrying their books clutched to their chest, wincing when someone touches their books, reluctant to let others borrow their books, hating the sacrilegious practice of […]

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Quizzes & Polls

Are You The Nerdiest Of Them All?

by Tara Grieco

Are you the nerdiest of them all? Take this checklist quiz and find out! Just mark all the fandoms you belong to and hit submit! Are we missing a fandom you think should be included on the list? Let us know in the comments and we can update the quiz! So, are you the nerdiest […]

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Book List

6 Graphic Novels for Art & Comic Book Nerds

by Julie Jarema

In the spirit of Draw the Line, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite graphic novels that will take you from family vacations spots at the beach to the eerie corners of the forest to tech-filled evil lairs and beyond. These books are perfect to read by flashlight under the stars or while hiding from the sun […]

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Featured Reads

Summer of Nerdy Reads

by The Riveted Team

Welcome to Riveted’s Summer of Nerds! For the next two weeks we’re featuring reads that are, in one way or another, nerdy. Which means we have characters that are nerds, or books that have a focus on something that is generally considered nerdy (think zombies or superheroes). Here are all the reads we have up for […]

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Riveted Original

7 Of Our Favorite Fictional Libraries

by Shifa Kapadwala

You know that super excited feeling you get when you enter a library? It’s like you’ve entered a land of possibilities and worlds just waiting to be explored! We’ve all got our ideal libraries that we’ve either seen or read about.  Below are some of our favorites! What are yours? Harry Potter Because of course, […]

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Impostor Queen + Cursed Queen Prize Pack!

by The Riveted Team

We’re celebrating the announcement of THE TRUE QUEEN! For those of you who may not know, it’s the third and final book, following The Impostor Queen and The Cursed Queen! And while we haven’t gotten to read The Cursed Queen yet (January can you just get here now already?) we are giving away a special prize pack that includes a hardcover […]

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Author Guest Post

On Gender and Sexuality in The Impostor Queen

by Sarah Fine

It is a heady pleasure, creating worlds in one’s mind, and weaving the one depicted in The Impostor Queen was no exception. For my first fantasy novel, I wanted to create something immersive and intricate, a culture that had sprung up around powerful magic. In the book, Elli is the heir to the throne, the […]

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