15 Gifs Every Book Lover Can Relate to

by Yasleen Trinidad

We promise, these gifs are worth putting your book down! 15 Gifs Every Book Lover Can Relate to 1 .When your bookmark falls and you lose the page   2. When you finally read one book in your TBR   3. When someone in the bookstore grabs the book you were planning on leaving in […]

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10 YA Books with Unforgettable Siblings

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
by Jennifer Wattley

For those of us with siblings, we all know that the relationships are anything but simple. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they’re fraught with tension, but if you’re lucky, they’re the best friends you get to also be related to. Here are my favorite books with sibling relationships that might not be perfect, but are […]

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Books to Read if You Love Dua Lipa

by Francie Crawford

Dua Lipa has taken the world by storm with her latest album, not that she wasn’t a force to be reckoned with before. Her Grammy win was well deserved (IMO), considering I still have Future Nostalgia, the Moonlight Edition on repeat. What a record. What an artist. If you love all things Dua Lipa, you’ll […]

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21 LGBTQIA+ Love Stories You Need to Read

by Jasmine Hodge

We think about romance a lot around here, and are always searching for stories that explore love in all its glory. While these books aren’t all romances at their core, the love story in each of them is wonderful and complex. Here are 14 books with LGBTQ+ love stories you need to add to your […]

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