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The Bridgerton Siblings as Books

May 4, 2023
Amy Lavigne

If you binged both seasons of Bridgerton like we did, or even read the original books that inspired the Netflix adaptation, you more than likely know and love the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family! To celebrate this iconic family we’ve matched each of the Bridgerton siblings to one of our favorite books. From Anthony’s broodiness to Daphne’s big sister attitude and responsibilities, which book and sibling pairing is your favorite?


Ready for more romance as you wait for more Bridgerton? Check out these must-read historical romances! 

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong


Just like Anthony and Kate's love story, These Violent Delights is filled with forbidden love, angst, and classic enemies-to-lovers goodness! If you haven't read Chloe Gong's inventive new take on the age-old tale of Romeo and Juliet yet, you're missing out!

Blaine for the Win by Robbie Couch


Benedict's time on screen throughout Bridgerton is filled with adorable, "aww" inducing moments, and there is no lack of cuteness in Blaine for the Win! Plus, Blaine is a passionate artist, just like Benedict.

Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch


Like Colin's adventures away from "the ton," Love & Olives takes place in Greece! This book is a one-way ticket to Santorini that will sweep you away as you follow main character Olive "Liv" Varanakis on a journey to reconnect with her father.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


Daphne prides herself on being an amazing big sister, just like Margot in To All the Boys I've Loved Before! If you can't get enough of the sisterhood dynamics in Bridgerton, you'll love this feel-good quick read from Jenny Han.

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell


Eloise is a woman out of her time, and craves more out of life than the typical role assigned to women in her society. In The Last Magician, Esta is also a woman out of her time, literally, as she travels from modern day New York City back to 1902 Manhattan to save her future. We think that Eloise would love this feminism-focused book!

I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick


I Killed Zoe Spanos is filled with mystery and intrigue, just like Francesca's whereabouts in the Bridgerton adaptation! This gripping thriller follows two teens whose lives become inextricably linked when one confesses to murder and the other becomes determined to uncover the real truth no matter the cost.

She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott


Like Gregory's scenes in season two of Bridgerton, this novel is chock full of adorableness! Plus, the romance between the main characters in She Gets the Girl, Alex and Molly, plays out similarly to Gregory's story in the Bridgerton books!

Misfit in Love by S. K. Ali


Like Hyacinth, Misfit in Love's Janna is caught up in the whirlwind of her siblings' love lives! In this fun and fresh sequel to Saints and Misfits, Janna hopes her brother’s wedding will be the perfect start to her own summer of love, but attractive new arrivals have her more confused than ever.

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