Everything Happening With Riveted by Simon Teen @ YALLFest 2022

November 9, 2022
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

YALLFest is almost here! Here’s a comprehensive schedule of all our Riveted by Simon Teen activity this year. Don’t forget to follow us @SimonTeen on Twitter, on TikTok, and in our Instagram Stories for up-to-the minute news, behind the scenes fun, and content from our authors at YALLFest. See y’all soon!

Everything Happening With Riveted by Simon Teen @ YALLFest 2022

Saturday, November 12

**Note: For all in-booth giveaways, tickets will be available one hour prior to the giveaway at the booth.

All Day


  • Cassandra Clare giveaway: come get an exclusive Shadowhunters fan, book sleeve, and a Chain of Thorns sampler (Riveted booth)
  • Pick up a wristband for the Secret Shanghai pop up event with the secret password (find the password on Simon Teen’s Instagram!) (Riveted booth)




  • Mysteries of Thorn Manor ARC giveaway (Riveted booth)
  • The Mechanics of a Modern Love Story panel with Jenna Evans Welch (American Theater Ballroom)
  • Making Magic: Worldbuilding Magical Worlds with Tracy Deonn (Charleston Music Hall)
  • Myths, Legends & Death on the Page: Making the Universal Personal with Chloe Gong and Neal Shusterman (Charleston Museum)
  • Cassandra Clare signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)
  • S.K. Ali signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)


  • Puzzles, Riddles, and Competitions: Plotting Intricacy with Stuart Gibbs and Neal Shusterman (Charleston Music Hall)
  • Chloe Gong signing (American Theater)


  • Spell Bound ARC giveaway (Riveted booth)
  • Middle Grade: Family Feud with Stuart Gibbs (Charleston Music Hall)
  • All About the Journey: Stories of Progress, Travel, and Change with S.K. Ali and Jenna Evans Welch (American Theater Cinema)
  • Tracy Deonn signing (Charleston Museum)
  • Neal Shusterman signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)
  • Jarrod Shusterman and Sofia Lapuente signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)
  • Sasha Peyton Smith signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)


  • Immersive Secret Shanghai Event (ticket required for entry) (The Stars Bar in the American Theater)
  • Jenny Han giveaway: come get a The Summer I Turned Pretty beach towel and annotation tabs! (Riveted booth)
  • Our Favorite Tropes: Romance is a Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, One Pajama for Two People Story with S.K. Ali (Charleston Museum)
  • Stuart Gibbs signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)


  • Worlds Without End: Keeping Long Running Series and Format-spanning Worlds Alive with Cassandra Clare (Charleston Music Hall)
  • The Flawed Protagonist: Making Characters Make Messes with Angela May and Mary Alice Monroe (American Theater Ballroom)
  • AMA Craft with Jarrod Shusterman, Sofia Lapuente, and Tracy Deonn (American Theater Cinema)
  • Social keyword giveaway of Other Side of the Tracks ARC (Riveted booth)
  • Jenna Evans Welch signing (Blue Bicycle Books Tent)


  • Last Violent Call ARC giveaway (Riveted booth)
  • Debuts: How to Navigate Your First Book with Jarrod Shusterman and Sofia Lapuente (American Theater Cinema)
  • Beyond Bridgerton: The Cool Kids Table of Historical Fantasy with Chloe Gong and Sasha Peyton Smith (Charleston Music Hall)
  • Angela May and Mary Alice Monroe signing (Blue Bicycle Books Courtyard)


  • Feet of Clay, Eyes on the Stars: Juggling the Super and the Natural with Sasha Peyton Smith (American Theater Ballroom)
  • Main Character Vibes: What Makes a Character Stick? with Angela May and Mary Alice Monroe (Charleston Museum)
  • Closing Keynote with Cassandra Clare (Charleston Music Hall)

Don’t forget to come say hi to us at the booth all day!

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