Top 10 Shadowhunters Cliffhangers

October 19, 2022
Mel Jolly

Cassandra Clare knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats page after page (and book after book!), and these top cliffhanger moments from her Shadowhunters series prove it! Did your fave cliffhanger from the Shadowhunters books make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the books!

We can’t say it enough. Every single thing in this roundup is a very large (and torturous) spoiler.

Top 10 Shadowhunters Cliffhangers

10. When Lucie is Carried Away by (an Alive?!) Jesse 

And then there were arms under her, and someone was lifting her off the floor. Carrying her. Jesse, she thought, clinging to consciousness as they crossed the Sanctuary floor. 

Chain of Iron


9. When Will Rejects Tessa 

Will smirked; she wanted to slap the expression off his face. “What did you really expect, Tessa?”

“I did not expect you to insult me.”

Clockwork Angel


8. When Cordelia Lies for James 

“The truth is that James Herondale did not burn down Blackthorn Manor last night,” she said, in a voice so loud she thought they could probably hear her on Fleet Street. 

“James cannot have been in Idris. He was with me. In my bedroom. All night.” 

Chain of Gold


7. When Kit Finds Out the Truth 

“Are you a Shadowhunter?” 

“I am not,” Tessa Gray said with a surprising firmness. “But you are.” 

Lady Midnight


6. When Emma Rejects Julian

“No kissing, no touching, no being in love, no dating. Is that clear enough for you?” 

Julian did not look as if she had hit him. He was a warrior: He could take any blow, and be ready to strike back twice as hard. 

It was much worse than that. 

Lady Midnight


5. When Sebastian Leaves a Message in the Institute 

Angel’s wings—angel’s wings that had been sliced from the body of a living angel. 

Atop the wings was a folded piece of paper, addressed to the New York Institute. 

Erchomai, it said. 

I am coming. 

City of Lost Souls


4. When Tessa Rejects Will 

“You can never love me,” he said flatly, and when she did not respond, when she said nothing, he shuddered. 

Clockwork Prince


3. When Livvy Dies 

Someone was shouting for Julian. It was Livvy, clambering up the side of the dais.  

“Livvy!” Julian yelled. “Livvy, get out of here—”  

Lord of Shadows


2. When Sebastian Takes Control of Jace 

We are one now, little brother, you and I, Sebastian said. We are one. 

City of Fallen Angels


1. When James lets Cordelia and Matthew Leave on the Train 

There was one last second during which he thought, I could still run, I could catch up to her, call to her through the window— 

Chain of Iron


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