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Time Loop Books You’ll Want to Read Again and Again (and Again)

August 30, 2022
Amy Lavigne

Some books are SO good that you just want to read them over and over again, and some books take that goodness to a different level with a fun twist: time loops! These swoony romances might just make you want to get stuck in a time loop of your own (or at least read about another one)!

Time Loop Books You’ll Want to Read Again and Again (and Again)

1. The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

In this hilarious rom com from Lynn Painter, author of the ADORABLE Better than the Movies, Emilie Hornby has the worst Valentine’s Day ever—only to relive it over and over again. Emilie finds herself stuck in some sort of time loop nightmare that she can’t wake up from as she re-watches her boyfriend, Josh, cheat on her day after day. Plus, she can’t get away from the enigmatic Nick, who she keeps running into—sometimes literally—in unfortunate ways. The Do-Over is sure to be a new fave, and it’s out 11/15!


2. See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

From the author of Today Tonight Tomorrow comes a magical time loop romance about Barrett Bloom, who is forced to relive her disastrous first day of college—only to discover that her nemesis is stuck in the time loop with her. When her attempts to fix her timeline fail, she agrees to work with Miles to find a way out. Soon they’re exploring the mysterious underbelly of the university and going on wild, romantic adventures. As they start falling for each other, they face the universe’s biggest unanswered question yet: what happens to their relationship if they finally make it to tomorrow?!


3. If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch

Robbie Couch, the author of The Sky Blues and Blaine for the Win, is BACK with a romance about Clark, who is stuck in a time loop of endlessly monotonous Mondays until he meets the boy of his dreams. When shy, reserved Clark decides to throw caution to the wind and join effusive and effervescent Beau on a series of “errands” across the Windy City, he never imagines that anything will really change, because nothing has in such a long time. And he definitely doesn’t expect to fall this hard or this fast for someone in just one day. Be on the lookout for the latest from Robbie Couch when it hits shelves on 4/18!


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