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14 Book Girlfriends That Will Steal Your Heart

May 10, 2022
Remi Moon

Have you ever read a book and gotten just a little too attached to the characters? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and often the book girlfriends are fan favorites, whether you want to BE them or DATE them. In this roundup we’ve gathered a few of our favorite relatable, swoonworthy book girlfriends. Which GF if your fave?

14 Book Girlfriends That Will Steal Your Heart

1. She Gets The Girl by Rachael Lippincot and Alyson Derrick – Alex & Molly

In this adorable romance you meet Alex, a headstrong, chaotic flirt who’s fresh out of a break up, and Molly, the all-together one who is secretly pining over someone who never once looked their way.

When Alex and Molly meet, they don’t seem like a good match. One is in the middle of a heartbreak while the other is in love with someone else. But they soon realize they might have a common goal and start a fake relationship, bringing us all of our favorite Fake Dating trope goodness. As the story continues and you learn a little bit more about Alex and Molly, it’s almost impossible not to fall for these girlfriends yourself!


2. Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley – Wren & Tamsin

Tamsin and Wren are not your typical girlfriends. Tamsin is the most powerful witch of her generation, while Wren is the opposite—she’s a source, a rare kind of person who is made of magic but can’t use it herself. When Tamsin commits a magical sin, she is cursed with the inability to love. On top of that, a magical plague befalls the kingdom, eventually causing Wren’s father to get sick.

These are the events that lead Tamsin and Wren to each other and form a bond. While it’s their chemistry and cheeky banter that make their relationship so memorable, it is also their individual stories and how they grow together that make them two of our favorite book girlfriends!


3. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn – Bree Matthews

Bree Matthews isn’t an ordinary sixteen-year-old! You first meet Bree as she’s leaving her childhood home behind after the accidental death of her mother to join a residential program for high school students at UNC-Chapel Hill. However, much to her surprise, Bree soon learns that she has a magical destiny, one that is not something she can run away from.

As Bree discovers her own powers and unlocks a memory about her mother’s death, you’ll follow along on her spell-binding adventure as she attempts to solve the mystery about her past and who she is. Watching Bree grow and tackle her problems with courage and strength is enough to make any of us fall in love with her.


4. These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong Juliette Cai

These Violent Delights is a Romeo & Juliet retelling with a deadly twist—the feuding families are actually rival gangs in 1920’s Shanghai. Juliette Cai isn’t your typical Juliet, and that’s what we love so much about her! With her skills in taking down grown men, espionage, and sneaking around to give kisses to Roma Montagov the son of the rival gang, she is basically the whole package.

As you continue to read you won’t be able to help but develop a little crush on Juliette as she’s jumping from buildings and saving the entirety of Shanghai from a twisted, dangerous monster. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that her secret, tension-filled relationship with Roma keeps you wanting to turn the pages!


5. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Tessa Gray

You meet Tessa Gray as she crosses the ocean to find her brother in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. However, when she arrives, she is met with a much stranger mystery and a newfound power: the ability to transform into another person at will.

This discovery sets off a chain of events in which Tessa takes refuge with the Shadowhunters in London who promise to help find her brother if she uses her powers to help them. As Tessa learns more about London’s Downworld, she is pulled between two best friends, James and Will, and is faced with the difficult choice of saving her brother… or saving the world.

Don’t worry if you can’t get enough of Tessa! You can find more of her in Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess!

6. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare Emma Carstairs

Readers of Cassie Clare’s City of Heavenly Fire will love being re-introduced to this familiar character! When we meet Emma Carstairs in Lady Midnight, she is now a young woman bent on discovering who killed her parents and avenging them. If that isn’t enough to make you crush our protagonist, just follow along as she goes on an epic adventure that investigates a secret demonic plot that is plaguing the Los Angeles area.

Everyone will be able to relate to Emma as she continues to struggle with her own inner battle of heart and head, making her one of our favorite book girlfriends. Continue reading Emma’s story in the rest of The Dark Artifices series!


7. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – Lara Jean

Lara Jean Song is your typical girl-next-door, and her sweet demeanor and epic baking talents make her one of our fave book girlfriends! However, things in her life go awry when all of the love letters she has written to her secret crushes get sent out without her knowing—even to her older sister’s current boyfriend! Suddenly, she has boys from different points of her life coming back into the picture, including one special guy in particular – Peter Kavinsky.

However, Lara Jean and Peter don’t necessarily get off on the most romantic foot. Instead, they plan a fake dating scheme to get the attention off of Lara Jean and her sister’s boyfriend as well as make Peter’s ex jealous (who also happens to be Lara Jean’s ex-BFF!) 


8. The Lucky List by Rachael Lippincot – Emily & Blake

Meet Emily, a girl still recovering from the shock of her mother’s death three years ago, and Blake, the swoony new girl in town. Emily thinks Blake is way too cool for her, but these two are strangely drawn together and find themselves running into each other more and more. That’s why when Emily discovers a bucket list from her mom before she passed, Blake convinces her that they should dedicate this summer to tackle each item from the list together.

As Emily feels closer to her mom, she and Blake also spark an unexpected friendship… or could it be more? You won’t be able to keep from falling in love with these book girlfriends as they discover who they are and what makes them happy.

9. Blood Like Magic by Liselle Sambury – Voya Thomas

Voya Thomas always knew she came from a line of witches, and has been raised to believe that protecting her family’s magic is of the utmost importance. However, when her Calling finally comes and she can endure the trials to receive her powers, Voya is horrified to find that her task is to kill her first love. Failure means that every Thomas witch’s magic is taken away.

Faced with an almost impossible decision, Voya knows what she must do—protect her family. But that means first she needs to fall in love. When she actually starts caring about the boy she is matched with, Luc, Voya finds it harder and harder to make her choice. Voya’s dedication to her family and her growing fondness for Luc make her one of our favorite book girlfriends!

10. Sofi and the Bone Song by Adrienne Tooley – Sofi and Lara

Who doesn’t love a classic enemies to lovers story? Meet Sofi, the daughter of a famous Musik, a rare musician with the power to compose and perform original songs in a kingdom where there are strict anti-magic laws when it comes to music. Sofi has spent her whole life training to be a Musik just like her father. This dream is suddenly taken away by Lara, someone who seemingly has never played the lute but is still able to “magically” enchant the judges and take that Musik title away from Sofi.

This, on top of her father’s sudden death, causes Sofi to go on a quest to figure out whether or not Lara cheated and used magic during her musical performance. Suddenly Sofi is learning about family secrets and her past, as well as getting closer to Lara! Watching Sofi and Lara attempt to not fall for each other definitely puts them on our top girlfriends list.

Now that you’ve met our fave book girlfriends, check out these swoonworthy book boyfriends!

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