Top 12 Downworlders from the Shadowhunter Books

March 9, 2022
Emily Ritter

Downworlders are just as essential to the Shadowhunter world as the Shadowhunters themselves! From werewolves and vampires to warlocks and faeries, these supernatural beings play a huge part in the stories of our favorite Shadowhunters. Did your top Downworlder make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read all the books!

Top 12 Downworlders from the Shadowhunter Books

12. Gwyn ap Nudd

He loves Diana for who she is! Oh, and the faerie steed he rides around on doesn’t hurt.

11. Woolsey Scott

Remember that time he saved Will? We do, too! Plus, he’s one of the only ones who can keep up with Magnus in the banter department.

10. Hypatia Vex

Ever the business woman, from her golden bedroom in the Hell Ruelle to the London Shadowmarket, Hypatia Vex is a woman of power and mystery.

9. Lily Chen

Anyone who can call Jem “Brother Lipsmackariah,” has our full support! Plus, she saw Raphael for the softie he truly was (deep) inside.

8. Camille Belcourt 

Sometimes she’s helpful; sometimes she’s not. No matter what, Camille keeps it interesting.

7.  Maria Roberts

From helping defend Alicante to taking over the New York pack, we know there’s nothing Maia can’t do.

6. Kieran Kingson

Handsome. Aloof. Says the most romantic things to Mark and Cristina and because he’s full Faerie, we know he’s not lying!

5. Luke Garroway

He’s Jocelyn’s husband, Clary’s stepfather, and he owns a bookstore… what else do we need to say? Every time he’s needed, he comes to the rescue!

4. Raphael Santiago 

Saves Simon. Loves ridiculing Magnus. Makes the ultimate sacrifice. He’s our favorite grumpy vampire.

3. Tessa Gray

Thank goodness Tessa is immortal because we seeing her in all the series. From Will to Jem and all the time in between, Tessa shares her calm, beautiful wisdom exactly when it’s needed.

2. Simon Lewis

Even though he doesn’t stay that way, Simon will always be our favorite Daylighter

1. Magnus Bane

Helps Will. Loves Alec. Adopted Raphael. We love him to the tips of his spiked hair and back.

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