The Best Bookends to Upgrade Your Bookshelves

December 9, 2021
Karen Masnica

Did you take my advice and upgrade your reading space with some new bookshelves? Are you now looking for bookends to complement your reading collection? Take a look at some favorites below!

Feature image shows bookends from West Elm.

The Best Bookends to Upgrade Your Bookshelves

We <3 these!

How cute are these heart bookends from They look exactly how I look when I’m curled up with a new book. Whether you organize your books alphabetically, by color, or even by genre, these bookends are sure to cheer you up whenever you look at your bookshelves.

Check out these romances your bookshelves (and these bookends) need!

Fancify your shelves!

I am obsessed with these bookends from Burke Decor because first of all, they’re this gorgeous brassy gold that will make it clear your books are your most prized possessions. And second, look at that classy circle. I love a good shape juxtaposition. They’re functional AND art. Win-win.

How good would Cassandra Clare books’ spines look next to these? (The answer is SO GOOD.)

Channel your inner librarian!

There’s a reason pretty much every library uses these bookends from Target, in fact more than one! They’re sleek, sturdy, and match any book. Who better to know how to shelve books than librarians?

These bookends are perfect to store this list of banned books.

These bookends rock!

The only bad thing about these bookends from West Elm, is they might outshine your books’ spines. Each set is a little different which perfectly matches your unique book collection. Make sure these are in your eyeline; you’ll want to look at them all the time!

These bookends are almost as gorgeous as these covers.

Marvel at these marble bookends!

Okay…there’s something heavier than rocks to hold up your precious books and that’s marble. But while these bookends from Amazon look like marble, they’re made of ceramic so you don’t have to worry about the weight limit on your bookshelf. You can feel like you’re in the Library of Congress without worrying about your shelf collapsing.

These bestsellers would look amazing between these bookends!


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