The Best Bookshelves to Upgrade Your Reading Space

October 21, 2021
Karen Masnica

If you’re anything like me then you not only have a TBR pile—you have multiple TBR piles. Books you’ve bought, book you’ve been given, maybe even some books you’ve won in one of our sweepstakes. But that also means you’ve probably tripped over and *gasp* knocked over a pile or two. Obviously, the solution is fewer books more bookshelves. Take a look at our favorite bookshelves below! 

The Best Bookshelves to Upgrade Your Reading Space

The classic, but sturdy bookcase

This Billy bookcase from Ikea has moved with me for the last six years. The shelves are adjustable which is a bookworm’s dream! On their website, Ikea calls it the booklover’s choice that never goes out of style. I know it’s just advertising, but it was designed in 1979 and still looks good so maybe they’re telling the truth. 

Perfect for holding your favorite series!


The “Is it art or a bookcase?” bookcase

I’m a sucker for a geometric bookcase, like this one from Wayfair. I admit it. But look at the wood and the stainless steel bars! This baby could hold your entire Cassandra Clare collection…and then some. Bonus: it’s the perfect height to hold your favorite reading snack while you’re curled up on the couch. 

Put the Mortal Instrument series on this bookcase and it IS art.  


The “No touching!” bookcase 

Look, we all have that friend, nibling, or roommate who just loves to touch our things. If you’re tired of having to rearrange your books after having company over, this bookcase from Target is for you. The clear windows let visitors admire your books without getting their grubby fingerprints over your matte bookjackets. (Michael, I’m talking to you.) Plus, I think the red color kind of makes it look like an old English telephone booth which is just fun! 

Perfect for safeguarding all those ARCs you refuse to let out of your sight! 

The for-more-than-books bookcase 

I once read a list of designer tips for home décor. She suggested that a bookcase should be 1/3 books, 1/3 items like plants or figurines, and 1/3 open space. I did not take this advice as I crammed as many books possible on my bookcases, but this ladder bookcase from the Home Depot is perfect for displaying more than books.  

Try framing some of your favorite fan art and displaying along your books. 

The “These books are my prized possessions” bookcase 

Who says you need to put a book back on the shelf after reading it? I say display it proudly. How much prouder can you get than this long wall display case from Crate and Barrel? Be careful—only a 15 pound weight limit!  

How good would your Margaret Rogerson collection look on this shelf? SO GOOD. 

The bookcase of your dreams 

Do you have limited wall space, but still want to display your favorite books? This floating moon shelf from Pier 1 is both pleasing to the eye AND functional! Say goodbye to the nightmare of not having enough space for your books, and say hello to your new favorite year-round Halloween decoration.  

It’s practically begging to be filled with witchy books like The Witch Haven, The Wicked Deep, and Winterwood.  


Don’t stop here! Take this quiz to find out how you should organize your books! 

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