Your Favorite Authors Cannot Stop Talking about This Book

September 28, 2021
Saleena Nival

The Other Talk begins a much-needed conversation for white kids. In an instantly relatable and deeply honest account of his own life, Brendan Kiely offers young readers a way to understand one’s own white privilege and why allyship is so vital, so that we can all start doing our part—today.

See what some of your favorite authors have to say about why The Other Talk is so important.

Your Favorite Authors Cannot Stop Talking about This Book

Adam Gidwitz, author of The Inquisitor’s Tale


Ellen Oh, author of Finding Junie Kim


Joanna Ho, author of Eyes That Kiss in the Corners


Julie Murphy, author of the Dumplin’ series


Minh Le, author of Drawn Together


Olivia A. Cole, author of The Truth about White Lies


Randy Ribay, author of Patron Saints of Nothing


Renee Watson, author of Love Is a Revolution


Samira Ahmed, author of Internment


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