15 Gifs Every Book Lover Can Relate to

June 11, 2021
Yasleen Trinidad

We promise, these gifs are worth putting your book down!

15 Gifs Every Book Lover Can Relate to

1 .When your bookmark falls and you lose the page


2. When you finally read one book in your TBR


3. When someone in the bookstore grabs the book you were planning on leaving in your TBR for a year


4. When you’re trying to explain missing plots in a movie based on a book you read


5. “I have nothing to read.”


6. When people tell you they don’t read books


7. When someone asks you why you love to read


8. When an author kills off your favorite character


9. What people think will make you happy

vs what actually makes you happy


10. When you love books more than people


11. When you live in the real world and not in the book’s world


12. When your ‘ship ends up together


13. When someone keeps talking to you while you are trying to read


14. When the bookstore sells out of the book you wanted


15. When you see a stranger reading your favorite book


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