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Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in October 2020

October 30, 2020
Annika Voss

The end of October has come! Even though spooky season is ending, we’re still raving about the amazing books that came out this month. So if you’re in need of more books to read in order to reach your Goodreads goal, we have a few recommendations!

Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in October 2020

1. Long Way Down Graphic Novel by Jason Reynolds and illustrated by Danica Novgorodoff

Even if you’ve already read Jason Reynolds’ bestselling book, you don’t want to miss this beautiful graphic novel version. Paired with gorgeous illustrations, Jason Reynolds’ powerful words come to life in this book that takes place over a matter of 60 seconds as Will decides whether to seek revenge on the man who killed his brother, or not.


2. Daughters of Jubilation by Kara Lee Corthron

Evalene Deschamps has more things to worry about than living in Jim Crow South. She has two little sisters to look after, an overworked single mother, and a longtime crush who is finally making a move. Evvie also has magic abilities that her family calls jubilation. But when the demons of Evvie’s past finally shake free, she must embrace her mighty lineage, and summon the power that lies within her.


3. Storm the Earth by Rebecca Kim Wells

Maren is back in this epic sequel to Shatter the Sky! Maren and her girlfriend Kaia set out to rescue Sev and free the dragons from the corrupt emperor. If you like fantasy books with dragons and a bisexual lead, then you’ll want to pick both books in this duology!


4. The Modern Faerie Tales Trilogy by Holly Black

Have you seen the repackage of Holly Black’s debut series? They are as breathtaking as this series is good! The first book, Tithe, follows Kaye, a young nomad who finds herself in the middle of a Faerie was when she discovers that she is a changeling. Once you finish this book, be sure to pick up the next two books in the series, Valiant and Ironside.


5. Magic Dark and Strange by Kelly Powell

Catherine Daly has the power to wake the dead, but this magic comes with a price: for every hour that a ghost is brought back, Catherine loses an hour from her own life. When she’s given the task of collecting a timepiece from a grave, what she finds instead is the body of a teenage boy, who slowly comes back to life—not as the pale imitation that Catherine can conjure, but as a living, breathing boy. A boy with no memory of his past.


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