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Read These Books If You Watched and Loved The Old Guard

September 16, 2020
Caroline Osborn

This summer, Netflix dropped an action flick with cool fight scenes and philosophical musings and thoughtful character development. We can’t stop thinking about The Old Guard, and we bet you can’t either. Luckily, there are some books that will tide you over until the sequel comes out!

Read These Books If You Watched and Loved The Old Guard


1. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Like Nile, Bree is a young woman with extraordinary powers who joins a secret society. While Nile’s new team has been diverse throughout the centuries, those calling themselves Legendborn have typically been white descendants of King Arthur’s knights, and some of them are hostile to Bree. But she needs answers about her mother’s mysterious death, so she stays. With the help of a support network, some of whom also break the typical mold, Bree must face the structural racism of old institutions, both the secret society and the college at which it is based, and decide whether to tear the whole thing down or change them from the inside.


2. Scythe by Neal Shusterman

The evil scientists in The Old Guard want to find the secret to the super squad’s immortality, and they plan to use this information to make advancements in medicine. But what if they were able to cure all diseases and halt aging in everyone? The result would be the world of Scythe, in which disease, accidents, and natural death are no longer concerns. Instead of allowing the population to grow forever, an elite team of Scythes culls the population, and their targets are up to them. Some take this responsibility very seriously. Others revel in violence, and their hold on the Scythedom is getting stronger every day. For everyone who loves a big what-if, this will satisfy your curiosity.


3. These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

Hello, fellow fans of enemies-to-lovers! Did your heart seize when Nicky explained that the love of his life was of the people he’d been told to hate? If this story calls to you, you’ll love These Violent Delights, a Romeo and Juliet story set in 1920s Shanghai. Roma and Juliette are high-ranking heirs of rival gangs, and there is no way they could do anything but hate each other. But a common enemy forces them to team up and reexamine old wounds from their complicated past.


4. The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare

If you love stories about two guys who have superpowers, travel the world together, and are deeply in love, you need to add The Red Scrolls of Magic to your TBR. Magnus and Alec take a trip, but their romantic getaway is interrupted by a demon-worshipping cult. Typical! Even worse, Magnus himself might be to blame for starting the cult—as a joke. The sequel, The Lost Book of the White, is also out now!


5. Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

The immortals in The Old Guard attract the attention of scientists who want to learn the secret of their everlasting life. Curing more diseases sounds great on the surface, right? If you liked the ethical questions of The Old Guard, you should check out Girls with Sharp Sticks. Something strange is going on with the girls of Innovations Academy. They are well-rounded and obedient, with no opinions or interests of their own. But when some of the girls start to uncover dark secrets about what’s actually happening to them, they will have to make the first real decision of their lives: what to do about it.


6. When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey

If you wanted to know more about Andy, Quynh, and their battle couple devotion that lasts lifetimes, may I interest you in When We Were Magic? Alexis knows that her coven will get her through anything, even a horrific accidental explosion of her magic on prom night. But revealing her crush on her best friend and fellow witch, Roya, feels too delicate, because she’s not sure Roya feels the same way. It’s clear that the two of them make a great team, but could they ever be more than friends?


7. Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley

One great joy of The Old Guard is watching Nile find her place amongst the immortals and question whether she wants to stay with them or spend a few more good years with her family. Fate of Flames is the first in a trilogy about a newcomer to a superhero team. Maia is a half-Jamaican high school student and obsessive fan of the Effigies, four girls with the power to control the elements and fight massive beasts called Phantoms. But when the Phantoms launch a surprise attack, the Fire Effigy’s powers unexpectedly pass to Maia. Thrown into battle with three girls who want nothing to do with one another, Maia has to make them work together and take control of their destinies.


8. Feeder by Patrick Weekes

If you loved the team dynamics in The Old Guard, you will love them in Feeder too. When a monster-hunter called Lori teams up with mutant teens to protect her brother, she finds her home at last. She may even be catching feelings for new friend Maya—but of course she has no idea how to express them. But she doesn’t have powers of her own, just a mystical connection with an interdimensional creature called Handler, and together the two of them take down aliens who prey on mankind. This book is all about grappling with your own powers, super and otherwise, and how they affect your identity.


9. Boy Robot by Simon Curtis

The Old Guard is about a team of experienced superheroes, but it’s also a superhero origin story for Nile. If you love the origin story angle, Boy Robot should be your next read. One night, Isaak’s parents are killed, a mysterious girl saves him from a team of soldiers, and he learns that he was made, not born. A secret government organization created him as a weapon, and now they’re hunting him down. Now, Isaak has a choice to make: keep his humanity and face death or embrace his true nature in order to survive? Complete with the formation of a superhero team and LGBTQIA+ characters, this is a great next step for fans of The Old Guard.


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