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Everything We Know About the Cursed TV Show (So Far)

July 6, 2020
The Riveted Team
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The moment that it was announced that there was going to be a TV adaptation of Cursed, we all knew that we had to move it to the top of our TBRs. Now that we’ve read the book (and loved it), we’re even more excited to see this awesome reimagining of the Arthurian legend come to the silver screen. Here is everything we know so far about the show.

We will keep this post updated as more updates are released, so check back to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date scoop on all there is to know about the Cursed TV show to get you as excited for its release on Netflix in 2020!

Everything We Know About The Cursed TV Show (So Far)

There will be 10 episodes!

In the article from Deadline, announcing that Netflix had acquired the rights to Cursed, they stated that the project will have a 10 episode arc. (But let’s be honest, we’re already hoping for more!)


Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller are both executive producers on the show!

Thomas Wheeler, in addition to being one of the show’s creators, also wrote a lot of the episodes for the TV show but in this photo you can actually see that Thomas Wheeler’s brother wrote an episode, too! (ooooohhh)


Katherine Langford has been cast as the leading role.

Katherine Langford, from 13 Reasons Why and, more recently, Knives Out, has been cast as Nimue, who is more commonly known as the Lady of the Lake. We absolutely cannot wait to see her bring this amazing character to life!


Here’s a first look at Katherine Langford as Nimue.


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Your first look at @katherinelangford in #Cursed. Coming 2020.

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Are you excited?! Because we are! Look at her being a total bada** wielding the Sword of Power! Katherine Langford is showing us that Nimue is clearly not someone you mess with.

Katherine Langford looks like she was born to wield the Sword of Power!


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Listen to Katherine Langford sing ‘I Could Be Your King’ an original song for Cursed.




If that trailer didn’t convince you, check out this behind-the-scenes interview with Katherine Langford!


Gustaf Skarsgård will be playing Merlin.


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First peak at Merlin the Magician! @cursed @netflix

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We were so excited when it was announced that Gustaf Skarsgård was cast as Merlin. He is such an amazing actor, don’t believe us? Check him out in Vikings. That will change your mind.

Thanks to the Cursed Instagram channel we got another look at Merlin and ?


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Helloooo Arthur! ?


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Meet Arthur, a young mercenary destined to become something greater. Played by Devon Terrell.

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Seriously, this cast keeps getting better and better! We cannot wait to see Devon Terrell take on the character of Arthur, a young mercenary who helps Nimue as he tries to find his honor and discover his destiny.

We cannot WAIT for the Man-Who-Would-Be-King to grace our screens! Don’t you agree?


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Let’s take one more look, shall we? ?


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Arthur. Swordsman. Mercenary. Ready to prove his honor.

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*Gasp* The Weeping Monk!


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#Repost @cursed with @netflix ・・・ The one who cries, the one who kills. The Weeping Monk, played by @danielsharman. Thank you RD

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For anyone who has read Cursed already (if you haven’t, we recommend that you do pronto), you thank The Weeping Monk is one the most interesting characters. We are honestly so excited to see Daniel Sharman bring this mysterious character to life!


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The Weeping Monk. Tormented soul. Villainous Crusader. Hunts the Fey.

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*sets countdown clock for July 17th*


Legendary is right!

The cover of the Cursed TV tie-in edition was exclusively revealed by Entertainment Weekly and it’s AMAZNG!

We stan a Queen! Katherine Langford looks stunning as Nimue! The book is on sale NOW!


Be sure to check out the audiobook as well that is read by Katherine Langford!




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If you’ve read the book, you know how evil the Red Paladins are and we are so excited to be terrified by them on the screen.


We’re officially PUMPED for this show and honestly it cannot come fast enough. We might have to re-read the book to hold us over for the time being.

Curious about the legend of the Lady of the Lake? Check out these awesome fun facts about the character that inspired Cursed!

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