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Neal Shusterman Just Revealed These Epic New Covers and You HAVE to See Them

May 29, 2020
The Riveted Team
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Neal Shusterman just revealed the newly-repackaged covers for his Skinjacker series! These books are set to hit shelves this September and once you read what Neal has to say about the series below, you’ll want to pre-order them immediately.

Neal Shusterman Just Revealed These Epic New Covers and You HAVE to See Them

First! Look at these covers!  ?


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Skinjacker book 1: Everlost

Are you intrigued? Because we are!


Skinjacker book 2: Everwild

Is that the Hindenberg?


Skinjacker book 3: Everfound

We absolutely love this new look to the series, and Neal agrees! We asked him a few questions about what he thought of these covers and here’s what he had to say.


Simon Teen: What is your favorite thing about these new covers?

Neal Shusterman: I love how iconic they are! I also love the way they pay homage to the original covers.  I also love the balance between text and image.  So often book covers are all about the title, the author’s name, and nothing more.  I love that there’s more to these covers than that!


Simon Teen: There are a lot of fun hints to the story on the cover of The Toll (Arc of a Scythe #3). Are there any Easter eggs hidden in these covers that people who’ve already read the series can look for?

Shusterman: Everything there is an easter egg!  The pyramid at Chichen Itza, the jaguar, the shining white buildings from the “World’s Columbian Exhibition”— which was the greatest of all the World’s Fairs.  But my favorite things are the hidden things!  In Everfound, how the shadows on the ground are actually made of light, rather than darkness; in Everwild how the Hindenburg is upside down (like the car on the Everlost cover) and the ominous figure of Mary Hightower coming down the gangway — but my favorite hidden image is in the Everlost cover; the grey shadows cast by the headlights create a silhouette of the Twin Towers, if you were standing between them, looking up.

Brb, we have to scroll up to look at those covers one more time!

Simon Teen: For readers who might be picking these books up for the first time, can you tell us what you think makes this series special?

Shusterman: These were the books that really flexed my muscles at world building.  We’ve seen ghost stories, and tales about a limbo between life and death — what I set out to do was to build a world that was completely new, and didn’t rely on existing tropes, but rather, blew all your preconceived notions out of the water!   I’ve had so many people tell me “Everlost feels so real.”  There are few greater compliments an author can receive!

Every one of Neal Shusterman’s answers made us more excited to read this series! If you feel the same, what are you doing?! Go pre-order your copies now!

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