20 Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read in 2020

January 10, 2020
Annika Voss

We have officially made it to 2020 and a BRAND NEW DECADE! Maybe you’ve already made your new Goodreads goal for the year, or like me, you are still trying to read all of the amazing books that came out in the last decade. Well either way, we have some truly amazing books coming out in the next year that you will definitely want to add to your TBR now!

20 Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read in 2020

1. Chosen by Kiersten White

The epic sequel to Slayer, is an absolute must-read this year. Set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nina works to understand her powers as a Slayer while also fighting the dark forces of evil. If you haven’t read Slayer yet, what are you doing?! Go read it now! (And then read Chosen).


2. Together We Caught Fire by Eva V. Gibson

This beautifully written romance is coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day. Things get real complicated for Lane when her dad remarries and her new stepbrother moves in, who happens to be none other than Grey McIntyre – her long-time crush. Although they cannot deny their mutual attraction, Grey has a girlfriend, Sadie, and Lane hopes to keep things simple at home. As time goes by she finds herself getting closer to Connor, Sadie’s rebel older brother, forcing Lane to untangle her feelings for both boys and face the truth of what—and who—she wants.


3. Heart of Flames by Nicki Pau Preto

Veronyka, our favorite phoenix-riding heroine, is back in this amazing sequel to Crown of Feathers! War is getting closer between the Empire and the Phoenix Riders and as tensions reach a boiling point, Veronyka, Sev, and Tristan find themselves drawn together into a fight that will shape the course of the empire, and each must decide how far they’re willing to go—and what they’re willing to lose in the process.


4. Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

Did someone say contemporary Beauty and the Beast retelling set at an elite boarding school?! Yes please! When Princess Jaya Rao finds out she will be attending boarding school with Grey Emerson, the heir to her family’s centuries old rival, she decides to make him fall in love with her with the intent of breaking his heart. Grey knows he’s doomed once he turns eighteen, thanks to an ancient curse put on him by the Rao family, but he can’t stop himself from being drawn to Jaya.  As the stars conspire to keep them apart, Jaya and Grey grapple with questions of love, loyalty, and whether it’s possible to write your own happy ending.


5. Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

If you’ve never read a Shadowhunters book or if you have read every single one, you don’t want to miss this epic start to a brand new series from Cassandra Clare. Step back in time to Edwardian England and the turn of the century as Cordelia moves London where her best friend, Lucie Herondale lives. Soon she is drawn into the world of glittering ballrooms, secret assignations, and supernatural salons. All the while, she must hide her secret love for James, Lucie’s brother, who is sworn to marry someone else. But Cordelia’s new life is blown apart when a shocking series of demon attacks devastate London.


6. When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey

When accidental magic goes sideways and a boy winds up dead, Alexis and her friends come together to try to right a terrible wrong. Their first attempt fails—and their second attempt fails even harder. Left with the remains of their failed spells and more consequences than anyone could have predicted, each of them must find a way to live with their part of the story.


7. Girls with Razor Hearts by Suzanne Young

The thrilling second book to Girls with Sharp Sticks is coming out this year! Find out what happened to Mena and the other girls of Innovations Academy after they escaped their elite boarding school.


8. Between Burning Worlds by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

Don’t miss this gripping sequel to Sky Without Stars, the epic sci-fi retelling of Les Miserablés. Laterre is on the brink of war. The Third Estate are rioting against the injustices of a corrupt system. But when Laterre is threatened by the emergence of a deadly new weapon, Chatine, Marcellus, and Alouette must risk everything, traveling to the far reaches of the System Divine and into the white hot center of a planet ready to ignite.


9. We Are The Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian

A toxic coach finds himself outplayed by the high school girls on his team in this deeply suspenseful novel, which unspools over twenty-four hours through six diverse perspectives. This book is the definition of girl power and is definitely one that you don’t want to miss!


10. What I like About You by Marisa Kanter

Halle Levitte loves her online best friend, Nash, a talented graphic novelist who loves books as much as she does. The only problem – Nash is in love with Kels, Halle’s online alter ego. So when he moves to her town and she finds herself falling for him even more, things get complicated. Because Nash has no idea that Halle is Kels.


11. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon

First-generation American LatinX Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit in at her new nearly all-white school. But when family secrets spill out and racism at school ramps up, she must decide what she believes in and take a stand.


12. Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

Jenn Bennett has done it again with this amazing swoonworthy romance. Josie Saint-Martin has never stayed in the same place for long, always on the move with her mom. So when they move back to her childhood hometown Josie knows it’s not forever. Her dreams are on the opposite coast, and she has a plan to get there. What she doesn’t plan for is a run-in with the town bad boy, Lucky Karras. Outsider, rebel…and her former childhood best friend. If you love brooding bad boys with a heart of gold, you won’t be able to put this book down until it is finished.


13. Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch

This truly adorable romance, set to the beautiful backdrop of Santorini, is one cannot be missed. Liv has never been close with her father, seeing as he fled to Greece when she was eight years old. But when he sends her a postcard, asking her to come to Santorini and help him on his documentary about his theories on Atlantis, she cannot say no. Things are a bit awkward when she arrives, but she’s determined to not let their past keep them from bonding again. More importantly, she doesn’t want Theo—her father’s charismatic so-called “protégé”—to witness her struggle.


14. My Summer of Love and Misfortune by Lindsay Wong

Crazy Rich Asians meets Love & Gelato in this hilarious, quirky novel about a Chinese-American teen who is thrust into the decadent world of Beijing high society when she is sent away to spend the summer in China.  This book is the perfect combo of awkward and funny that will have you packing your bag and booking the next trip to Beijing.


15. The Sullivan Sisters by Kathryn Ormsbee

Ok, well first off – just look at this cover. If that doesn’t convince you to read it, this story of sisters and family secrets is absolutely unputdownable. As the sister struggle with their own ghosts, they will learn about the strength that comes from the power of connection, and the bonds of sisterhood.


16. 10 Things I Hate About Pinky by Sandhya Menon

If you love hate-to-love romances, then add this to your TBR pronto! Sandhya Menon has done it again with this absolutely adorable love story set is the world of When Dimple Met Rishi. Pinky and Samir have never gotten along, but when Pinky asks Samir to pretend to be her fake boyfriend to get her conservative parents to leave her alone, things start to change. You won’t be able to stop smiling as they bicker their way through lighthouses and butterfly habitats, sparks fly, and they both realize this will be a summer they’ll never forget.


17. I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick

Who doesn’t love a true crime podcast? When Anna Ciccone shows up the small Hamptons village of Herron Mills for a summer, things take a turn for the weird. Anna looks A LOT like Zoe Spanos, a girl who when missing a few months earlier and her presence is stirring up many feelings about the unsolved case. That is until Zoe’s body is found and Anna is charged with killing her. But Martina Green, teen host of the Missing Zoe podcast, isn’t satisfied so her podcast sets out to uncover the truth.


18. Today Tonight Tomorrow by  Rachel Lynn Solomon

Here’s another hate-to-love romance that will make you smile from ear to ear as you read it. Rowan and Neil have been rivals for all of high school. after learning a group of seniors is out to get them, she and Neil reluctantly decide to team up until they’re the last players left—and then they’ll destroy each other. As Rowan spends more time with Neil, she realizes this boy she claims to despise might actually be the boy of her dreams.


19. Girl, Unframed by Deb Caletti

This gripping thriller from Deb Caletti is one that you should be on the lookout for when it hits shelves this summer. Sydney Reilly has a bad feeling about going home to San Francisco before she even gets on the plane. But her worries multiply when she discovers that her mother is involved with an art dealer with some shady connections.


20. Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Ok, this book is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I mean, just look at that cover! Sia Martinez, a young Mexican American, is still dealing with the ICE raids from three years ago and the disappearance of her mother. But every new moon Sia drives into the desert and lights San Anthony and la Guadalupe candles to guide her mom home, who she fears is dead. Then one night, under a million stars, Sia’s life and the world as we know it cracks wide open. Because a blue-lit spacecraft crashes in front of Sia’s car…and it’s carrying her mom, who’s very much alive.


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