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This Author Has a Romance For Every Occasion

November 18, 2019
Annika Voss

I’m such a hopeless romantic, I think I wept watching every episode of Modern Love. I always love hearing stories of how people met and fell in love, which is why I love reading Mila Gray’s books. Her romances cover some incredibly real situations but are also heartfelt and sometimes quite steamy love stories. So if you’re in the mood for a good romance, check out the ones below!

This Author Has a Romance For Every Occasion

1. Come Back to Me by Mila Gray

Are you into forbidden love stories? Look no further than this book! Kit Ryan is a marine and he’s in love with Jessa. The only problem is, is that she’s off limits. She’s the sister of his best friend, Riley. But the two of them can’t deny their feelings anymore and they spend a summer together, keeping it a secret until he must deploy again. So what happens when the Marine Chaplain is knocking on Jessa’s door? Read to find out!


2. Stay With Me by Mila Gray

You know what they say, everyone loves a cynic! That’s definitely true in this book, at least for Didi where Noel Walker is concerned. Walker is an irritating patient at the military hospital that Didi works at and is therefore strictly off limits. But she can’t deny the sparks and even though Walker stopped believing in love long ago, Didi makes him feel hopeful. Then tragedy hits, shattering both their worlds, and Didi realizes that love isn’t as simple as happily ever after. Love isn’t easy. It’s difficult. Messy. Complicated.


3. Run Away With Me by Mila Gray

I love a good story in which childhood friends realize their attractions for one another and fall in love. This story is made all the more real because these two have a complicated and painful past that they must work through before officially being together. Emerson hasn’t seen Jake in years, not since his family moved away. But now he’s back, a star hockey player on the rise, ready to work right next to her all summer long. Let’s just say kayaking has never been this romantic.


4. Watch Over Me by Mila Gray

Now this book doesn’t come out until December but I can’t wait! Zoey has always been the strong one to protect her family while her brother has been off at war. So when Tristan, her brother’s best friend and marine, shows up, a romance blooms. He promised her brother he’d protect her but not everyone can be kept safe forever, and when Zoey’s father does show up, a confrontation ensues that will change Zoey’s world forever.

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