The Lara Jean Halloween Costumes We Are Obsessed With

October 29, 2019
Emily Ritter

We have been *living* for all the Lara Jean and Peter K love since the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movie came out on Netflix last year. And the love doesn’t stop! We are so excited to see so many people dressing up as Lara Jean for Halloween. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorite costumes that we’ve seen so far!

The Lara Jean Halloween Costumes We Are Obsessed With


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#LaraJeanHalloween ?#toalltheboysivelovedbefore

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So many great Lara Jeans!!



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Just sitting down to watch Netflix like… ??#LaraJeanHalloween #toalltheboysivelovedbefore @jennyhan @lanacondor

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The details here are perfect.



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You can call us Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky ?☺️? (peep the #Yakult) I can’t even express how meaningful it is to see myself represented on screen. As an Asian-American female, to see someone with similar eyes, hair, and heritage (half Korean woooo) being portrayed as a main character with depth and spirit was awe-inspiring, to say the least. Thank you @jennyhan and @lanacondor – I’m so very grateful for this movie and the road it’s helping to pave for the future. Now if only I could figure out a way to be in the sequels ? #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #LaraJeanHalloween #tatbilb #representationmatters #LaraJean #PeterKavinsky @toalltheboysnetflix @jennyhan @lanacondor @ncentineo

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Heeeeey Peter K!


The DETAILS here! Do you see that scrunchie?


This is way too cute.


Lana, is that you?



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??? * ( ➡️ Swipe!! ) OMG. The letters are out. * My last Halloween costume for this year was Lara Jean Covey, from a novel and a Netflix original movie called To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before?? Actually I’ve never seen the film yet but I’ve read all 3 novels and I loooved them!! * After I finished reading them and watching the trailer of the film, I felt so connected with Lara Jean. Actually, she’s literally me haha And I’d also fall in love with Peter K for sure and let him put his hand in my back pocket too??? —– ハロウィン当日は、今猛烈にハマってる Netflix映画『好きだった君へのラブレター』の 主人公、ララ・ジーンの仮装をしたよ? 日本ではまだあんまり知られてない気が するけど、アメリカでは今、大ヒット してる映画らしくて、人気がすごい✨ どんなお話なのか気になって、この前 アメリカ行ったときに原作の小説を 買って帰ってきたんだけど、もう本当に かわいいラブストーリーで、続編まで 追加購入して一気に全3巻読み切った? 笑 Netflix加入してないから、まだ映画版は 予告編しか見れてないんだけど、もう この映画見るためだけに加入したい!笑 韓国系アメリカ人のララ・ジーンと 学校一の人気者のピーター君がひょんな ことから偽カップルとして付き合うことに なるんだけど、その始まりがララ・ジーンが ずーっと昔に書いたラブレターなの?? 最近は告白の仕方もデジタル化してきて ラブレター書く人なんてほとんどいなく なっちゃっただろうけど、そんな時代に ラブレターっていうのがかわいすぎる? ララ・ジーンのファッションもめっちゃ 私好みで、全部真似したいくらい?? @ncentineo 演じるピーター君も笑顔が 印象的なかっこいい男の子だったよ? Netflix入ってる人は、ぜひ見てみてね? (気づいたらめっちゃ長文になってた?) * *

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No seriously, is that Lana?



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He’s got Kombucha AND a scrunchie ? #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #LaraJeanHalloween

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So many amazing boyfriends!



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p.s. am i @lanacondor yet

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Love it!


This costume wins Halloween!!



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Lara Jean Covey ? #larajeanhalloween #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #RepresentationMatters ? @jaylajacks

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We need this outfit.


So much Korean yogurt!


Thank you to all the amazing fans who dressed as Lara Jean and keep tagging us @simonteen in all your amazing Halloween costumes!



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