Shadowhunter Cosplay That Will Inspire Your Next Halloween Costume

October 21, 2019
Annika Voss

We just can’t get enough of the shadowhunters world!  It’s no secret that we’re major fans of Cassandra Clares series and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your cosplay and costumes. If you’re still stumped and looking for ideas, maybe these amazing Shadowhunters cosplay will inspire you.

Shadowhunter Cosplay That Will Inspire Your Next Halloween Costume

1. Clary Fray


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How clary is / how Clary looks like to the clave on firsts books . . . Necklace: @garotahipsterstore

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Here’s what you’ll need to be Clary Fray this Halloween:

Red hair (dyed, natural, or a wig), black clothes, and Shadowhunter runes drawn on your body.

2. Izzy Lightwood


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“But I won’t run I’m not afraid I’ll look em in the eye Gonna hear me say It’s My life My love My sex My drug My lust My God, it ain’t no sin Can I get it Can I get an Amen My grace My church My pain My tears My hurt My God, I’ll say it again Can I get it Can I get an Amen” . . . . {Oh. My. God. I need someone to talk to. And someone to hug. Just 100 pages left until I finish the book and I just need a break because of my feelings. Help.} . . . ? by @skf_artwork Wig by @wigisfashion . . @emeraude @shadowhunterstv @cosplay.alliance @cosplayway #shadowhunters #keruncon2018_4 #shadowhuntersthemortalinstruments #Shadowhunterstv #german_cosplay_club #isabellelightwood #izzycosplay #bookcosplay #hoteldumort #angel #magnusbane #isabellelightwoodcosplay #badass #emeraudetoubia #Shadowhunterscosplay #badasscosplay #CassandraClare #nephilim #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaying #cosplaygirls #cosplayers #cosplayfandom #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaylife #germancosplay #germancosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplaymodel

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I absolutely love this cosplay of Izzy! She’s another great character to go as for Halloween and very similar to Clary except make sure your hair is black this time ?.

3. Jem and Tessa

Honestly who doesn’t love Jem and Tessa. These costumes require a bit more effort. If you plan on going as Jem make sure your hair is silver (tres chic) and put on your nicest grey suit. Just make sure you still have the signature Shadowhunter runes on your body.

Tessa Grey is the perfect Victorian lady to be this Halloween season especially if you can track down a pink dress like the one in this photo. Just don’t forget the clockwork angel necklace!

4. Tessa Grey


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TESSA GRAY “She had never thought about her name much before, but when he said it, it was as if she were hearing if for the first time-the hard T, the caress of the double S, the way it seemed to end on a breath. Her own breath was very short when he said, softly, ‘Will.’ ‘Yes?’ Amusement glittered his eyes. With a sort of horror Tessa realized that she had simply said his name for the sake of saying it; she hadn’t actually had a question.” Clockwork Angel by @cassieclare1 – Happy Friday! – Here’s my attempt at trying to create something similar to the cover art of Clockwork Princess! When I found this dress at a thrift store and put it on it reminded me of the type of dress that Tessa wears on the jacket of Clockwork Princess so I wanted to try and recreate it. I wanted to include a picture of Clary today as well since it’s her birthday! This is second cosplay I’d ever done before I really even knew what cosplay was, and it only worked because I had ginger hair two years ago (I didn’t have wigs). Clary is such an amazing and iconic character. (Also I know Clary has curly hair and my wavy hair doesn’t do her hair just or represent her hair well so plz don’t drag me- I’m aware ?) Happy Birthday Clary! – Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Photo by – #tessagray #tessaherondale #theinfernaldevices #clockworkangel #cassandraclare #bookstagram #bookish #tessagraycosplay #shadowhunters #bookcosplay #cassandraclarecosplay #clockworkprincess #clockworkprince #cassieclare #shadowhuntercosplay #claryfray #claryfraycosplay #happybirthdayclary

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Here’s another amazing Tessa Grey cosplay for inspo!

5. Jem Carstairs

If you want to put the perfect finishing touch on your Jem costume this Halloween season, a violin is the perfect touch.


6. The Whole Gang


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“-Хватит! Мы знаем твое имя, демон! Ты что, думаешь, я побоюсь убить даже Принца Ада? Да я повешу твою голову на стене, как трофей…” (с.) Photo @poor_juli Isabelle – me Simon – @seiyaryudzaki Clary – @alyson_miku Jace – @just.dorian Magnus – @mir_sokol Alec – @christ_randell #shadowhunters #shadowhunterscosplay #mortalinstruments #isabellightwood #isabellelightwood #isabelle #izzy #simonlewis #simonlovelace #jaceherondalelightwood #jaceherondale #claryfray #magnusbane #aleclightwood #lightwood #sizzy #malec #clace #cosplay #cosplayer #russiancosplay #runes #косплей #сумеречныеохотники #орудиясмерти #изабельлайтвуд #клерифрей #саймонльюис #алеклайтвуд #магнусбейн

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If you can get your friends to join you in this Halloween costume endeavor, you will be the talk of every Halloween party as you rock your Shadowhunter runes and black leather pants.

Can’t wait to see all of the amazing Shadowhunter costumes this Halloween! Be sure to tag us on @SimonTeen so we can see them all!

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