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8 Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in September 2019

September 30, 2019
Kaitlyn Gosiaco

With the warm weather officially coming to a close this September, it’s time to find the perfect book to snuggle up under the covers with. Here are eight new titles that were released this month that might just be that perfect fall read for you!

8 Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in September 2019

1. She’s the Worst by Lauren Spieller

She’s the Worst explores the complexities of familial relationships through sisters April and Jenn. Jenn is supposed to leave for college tomorrow, but she declines her offer from Stanford for the sake of her family. April, in an effort to reconnect with her sister and make Jenn feel better about her decision, plans an epic sister day exploring SoCal and the spots that hold dear to them.

2. Year of the Wicked by Jeff Mariotte

Although she wants nothing to do with magic, Kerry inadvertently gets pulled into a witches’ feud that’s been going on for generations while helping out a mysterious and charismatic stranger. But what if she turns out to be the key to uncovering the truth and putting an end to the generations-old war?

3. Permanent Record by Mary H. K. Choi

Permanent Record doubles as a book that perfect encapsulates the world’s obsession with social media while at the same time being a delightful slice-of-life contemporary. It tells the story of a child actress turned pop star named Leanna and Pab, a college dropout working at a deli.  When circumstances—also known as a snowstorm—force these two together, they realize that their worlds don’t differ that much after all.

4. The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

Theodora Fox is more than used to being abandoned by her father in five star hotels around the world while he goes off treasure hunting. However, when he suddenly goes missing, Theodora teams up with the boy who broke her heart to uncover the secrets the two have been hiding from her, and what she assumes to be a typical expedition turns out to be a hunt for her missing dad—and a long lost ring that belonged to Count Dracula. This is the historical adventure fantasy novel that you’ve been missing all your life.

5. SLAY by Brittney Morris

SLAY follows Kiera, a high school student that develops a game to carve out a space for Black gamers. With over half a million users, it’s labelled as a community for black gamers to come together to be proud of their identity. None of the people around her save for one another co-creator know her alter-ego, and she has remained anonymous. However, when a player of SLAY is murdered, the media immediately latches onto it and labels the game as a breeding ground for criminals. It’s called racist, and Kiera may very well be involved in a lawsuit if she doesn’t put a stop to the troll that infiltrated the beautiful world she’s created.

6. Nancy Drew Case Files Vol 1 by Carolyn Keene

Everyone’s favorite detective is back with a fresh new edition that includes three different cases: one in a high school where she may very well be the killer’s next target, one at a rock concert where the lead guitarist mysteriously disappears before the band is set to take the stage, and finally, one at a ski resort where she has to find the killer before they find her.

7. Nancy Drew Case Files Vol 2 by Carolyn Keene

Nancy’s adventures continue! This time around, she’s dealing with a series of death threats that lead her to go undercover at a magazine company, an attempt on her friend’s life in sunny Florida, as well as a deadly game of cat and mouse in Montana.

8. Exile from Eden by Andrew Smith

The long-awaited sequel to Grasshopper Jungle, Exile from Eden explores the world seventeen years after its predecessor. Teenagers Arek and Mel embark on an adventure when one of their dads go missing. It’s an action-packed survival story that doesn’t shy away from humorous quips, and fans of Grasshopper Jungle will certainly be thrilled.

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