5 Ways You Can Meet the Characters from the New Shadowhunters Trilogy RIGHT NOW

September 27, 2019
Emily Ritter

In Cassandra Clare’s new series, the Last Hours, we meet the children of the characters from the Infernal Devices series. Yes! More Tessa and Will (and Jem!).

The good news is, you don’t have to wait until March 2020 when Chain of Gold goes on sale to meet these new characters! Here are five short stories from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, and The Bane Chronicles where you can meet James, Lucie, Cordelia, Grace, and the whole crew!

5 Ways You Can Meet the Characters from the New Shadowhunters Trilogy RIGHT NOW

Alastair and Cordelia

1. In “The Whitechapel Fiend,” Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Meet baby James and Lucie Herondale in this flashback to London in the fall of 1888, as told by Tessa Gray aka Tessa Herondale. A demon is attacking the city and Jamie and Lucie, along with their cousins Anna and Christopher Lightwood, are in danger. Here we get more of Tessa/Will/Jem AND meet their adorable children (one of whom is armed with a spoon)!

Christopher Lightwood

2. In “Nothing but Shadows,” Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

We flashback to the Shadowhunter Academy in 1899, where thirteen-year-old James Herondale arrives for the first time. There he encounters the small Thomas Lightwood, the absentminded Christopher Lightwood, the jerk Alastair Carstairs, and the charming Matthew Fairchild. Secrets are revealed, friendships are formed, and a wing of the school explodes. James finds himself a parabatai, but you’ll have to read the story to find out who!

Matthew Fairchild

3. In “Cast Long Shadows,” Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Brother Zachariah encounters Matthew in the London Shadow Market in 1901, trying to buy a truth potion. Matthew is still reeling from accusation from Alastair that it is not Henry Fairchild who is Matthew’s beloved father, but instead Gideon Lightwood. Matthew uses the potion to try and find the truth but the potion has terrible consequences. Here, we also see more of Lucie and her best friend/pen pal Cordelia, and we get a good sense of all of their friendships.

Anna LightwoodAnna Lightwood

4. In “Every Exquisite Thing,” Ghosts of the Shadow Market

In 1901 London, the fashionable Anna Lightwood, who wishes she could dress in her brother’s clothes, meets Ariadne Bridgestock. They embark in a secret romance and fight much danger. Anna loses her heart but finds herself. I, meanwhile, fell totally in love with Anna.

Ariadne Bridgestock

5. In “The Midnight Heir,” The Bane Chronicles

In 1903, Magnus returns to London to find a drunk James Herondale causing quite a ruckus. Magnus discovers that James is hopelessly in love with Grace Blackthorn, who is lethally beautiful. Her guardian, Tatiana, tries to hire Magnus to kill some Shadowhunters. He says no, but I’m sure that’s not the last we’ll see of them!

James Herondale

Learn more about Chain of Gold here!

Want even more with these characters? Check out Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours flash fiction from May, June, July and August, and follow her newsletter for more!

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