Everything You Should Know About the World of SLAY

September 25, 2019
Savannah Breckenridge

You are a QUEEN, and this is YOUR game. SLAY can and will change your reality – so don’t miss out! Here’s everything you need to know about the world of SLAY before you go and play the game yourself at

Everything You Should Know About the World of SLAY

1. Nubian KINGS and QUEENS

When you play the game of SLAY, you are a Nubian Queen or King! You are worthy, you are strong, so stand proud and slay the game.

Want to experience the game yourself? Check out the Twitter version at


2. The Game Cards are a celebration of Black culture.

Is there one “Black culture”? No! The Black diaspora reaches across the world and all Black culture deserves to be celebrated. That’s exactly what the world of SLAY does and the game cards highlight this best. All in all, there are three types of cards in SLAY: Battle, Hex, and Defense cards. At the beginning of each battle each player is randomly dealt six cards – two of each type. They then only have ten seconds to study their cards and decide which cards to play during their three-round battle.


The game requires strategy, quick thinking, and intuition. Do you think you can win a game of SLAY? Deal yourself a set of cards at Challenge your friend on twitter with the hashtag #LetsPlaySLAY


3. Virtual Reality

SLAY is a fully operational virtual reality with exquisitely detailed regions, dress, and characters. The game makers Emerald and Cicada created a world where Black gamers can feel safe and express themselves in every way possible. They get to design their own clothing, alter their character’s appearance in every way possible, and battle in regions from around the world! Each character can decide where they’d like to “live” from the Tundra, Savanna, Desert, or Forest regions.

The design elements of the game are extensive and worth wearing haptic gear to experience them! Experience the vast VR world when you pick up a copy of SLAY, which is on sale now!

Although this game sadly doesn’t exist IRL, you can play the twitter version at


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