Everything We’ve Learned About SLAY from Brittney Morris’ Twitter

August 29, 2019
The Riveted Team
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If you’re like us, you can’t wait to read Brittney Morris’ debut book, SLAY. Now that it comes out in just under a month from now, our excitement has been building. Especially with all the teasers and facts that Brittney has been posting on her twitter. By the time you read all of these little tidbits about the book, you’ll be begging for this book to be out already.

Everything We’ve Learned About SLAY from Brittney Morris’ Twitter

1. You’ll need to know about the playing cards to survive a duel in SLAY

There are a total of 1,243 cards in the VR game of SLAY. That’s A LOT of cards, looks like we have some studying to do!

2. Awww Kiera’s favorite classes are with her boyfriend?

Awwww that’s super cute! We love learning these little facts about our protagonist!

3. This is such a great quote!

This is such a great quote and really thought provoking. We can’t wait to see what else Dr. John Abbott has to say in the book!

4. We can all relate to this love of graphic calculators

OMG! Gotta love those graphing calculator games.

5. This is the love letter everyone should read!

We completely agree Brittney! We love this quote from SLAY ! We can’t wait for everyone to read Brittney’s beautiful and amazing book!

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