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7 Books That Will Get You Excited For Your Required School Reading

August 23, 2019
Francie Crawford

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreaded school reading. If it’s required, it’s a drag. However, sometimes you just need to find the right book to put you in the mindset for that upcoming reading assignment. This list will help you get excited for that required reading book that you’ve been avoiding. Once you’ve read these you won’t be able to stop yourself from diving into those school books.

7 Books That Will Get You Excited For Your Required School Reading

1. Sir Gawain and the Green KnightCursed by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller

Are you taking Brit Lit this year? Well if you are, there’s a high chance you’ll be reading the classic, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or Le Morte d’Arthur. Both are great but I’m quite partial to the former. So if you have a choice, tell your teacher Riveted by Simon Teen recommended Sir Gawain. Or! Better yet, suggest that you read Cursed by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller because seriously women don’t get the page time they deserve in old English stories. If you’re sitting there telling yourself that you’re not a big fan of the King Arthur legend, believe me, by the time you finished Cursed, you will be and you’ll be begging your teacher for more King Arthur stories.


2. A Separate PeaceBarely Missing Everything by Matt Mendez

If your class is reading A Separate Peace, then you should read Barely Missing Everything. The coming-of-age story by Matt Mendez also features an athlete with a career-threatening injury, themes of guilt and betrayal, and a competitive friendship that threatens to collapse the life that the main character knows. This book is perfect for getting in the mood for your assignment, and could be a good inspiration for a discussions on the American Dream!


3. Les MiserablesSky without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

If you’ve been asked to read Les Miserables, then you should read Sky Without Stars. This futuristic novel is literally – like, LITERALLY – Les Mis in space. If the traditional old-fashioned literature hasn’t excited you yet, then use this thrilling tale to spark your interest. We promise you won’t be bored in this one and once you’re finished, you’ll be wanting to read the original.


4. Catcher in the RyeThe Falconer by Dana Czapnik

If you’re reading The Catcher in the Rye in class, then you should read The Falconer. Lucy is somewhat of a modern day Holden, with her tough girl attitude, muddled love life, and will to break free from what’s expected. While the plot lines of these two novels aren’t exactly parallel, they certainly line up in a lot of ways. This is the book to read to really grasp the themes The Catcher in the Rye, for sure.


5. FrankensteinThe Beast in an Animal by Peternelle van Arsdale

If you’ve been assigned Frankenstein, then you should read The Beast is an Animal. Like Frankenstein, main character Alys fights with the public’s view of her very nature, and how they’d see her if they knew what she truly is. Alys feels connected to solitude but longs for a sense of belonging, much like the monster himself. These two tales share themes of discovering self-identity and breaking free from the judging eyes of society, making The Beast is an Animal the perfect book to get you excited for your required pages in Mary Shelley’s gothic tale.


6. A Tale of Two CitiesClockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

If your class is reading A Tale of Two Cities, then you should read Clockwork Angel. This novel is also a tale of two cities: Victorian London, and the Shadow World hiding within it. It has everything a tale of two cities has: political strife, Victorian England, a love triangle…the list goes on and on. This book is the perfect way to add a little magic to the storyline of A Tale of Two Cities.


7. The CrucibleThe Cold Is in Her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale

If you’re reading The Crucible, then you should read The Cold is in Her Bones. Witchcraft and demonic possession are the main themes in both of these books. While The Crucible’s demons all seem to be invented by Abigail, the girl who’s come to stay with with the Parris family, the demons in The Cold is in Her Bones are very real and possess Iris, the girl who has come to stay with Milla’s family. You won’t regret reading this exciting tale about self-discovery and a curse that must be broken, which will inspire you to enter the manipulative and chaotic world of The Crucible.


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