You’ll Laugh Out Loud While Watching This Author Talk About His New Book

June 13, 2019
The Riveted Team
Believe In Your Shelf

Sometimes in the saddest moments, we find a way to laugh. Doogie Horner has managed to just that with his new book, This Might Hurt a Bit, which was inspired by his own life.

Kirby Burns is still grieving the death of his sister, which happened exactly one year ago. Ever since then he hasn’t stopped running: from his family, his memories, and the horse-sized farm dogs that chase him to the bus stop every morning.

But he can’t run forever, and as This Might Hurt a Bit begins, Kirby and his friends PJ and Jake sneak out of his house to play a prank whose consequences follow them to school the next day, causing a chain reaction of mayhem and disaster. It’s a story that’s touching and funny, an authentic meditation on the pain of loss, and the challenge of getting paint to stick to cows.

Doogie Horner is here to tell you 3 reasons you should be riveted by his new book, This Might Hurt a Bit.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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