I Read Scythe for the First Time and This is What Happened

June 10, 2019
Emily Ritter

The only thing I knew about Neal Shusterman’s Scythe going in is that everyone said it was amazing, and I had seen this trailer which gave me actual goosebumps.

But with The Toll (book three in the Arc of a Scythe trilogy) coming out this November, I knew I had to read ASAP! If you’re anxiously awaiting The Toll, this emotionally-filled journey may be the perfect recap of what happened in Scythe while you wait!



I Read Scythe for the First Time and This is What Happened

Part 1: Robe and Ring

5 pages in

Excuse me, why did no one warn me that this book is all about DEATH? Oh, you’re saying I should’ve known it was about death because of the title. And the actual scythe on the cover. Okay, that’s fair.


20 pages in

What I’ve learned so far is that reading this book is like a car crash you can’t look away from because it’s just SO FASCINATING but also SO SCARY but also VERY COMPELLING.

Part 2: No Laws Beyond These

67 pages in

“1. Thou shalt kill”

These Scythe Commandments are giving me CHILLS.


75 pages in

WAIT. Not every Scythe is like Faraday (who I kind of really love)? This plane scene made me realize that there are like super terrible ones? I’m now questioning the whole system. I’m also kind of really in love with H.S. Curie and her journal interludes. They makes me question the whole system too. And I’ve been worried about my death all day…


161 pages in

“I haven’t fallen in love with you, Rowan.”

“It’s alright, Citra…I haven’t fallen in love with you, either.”

UMMMM I SHIP IT SO HARD NOW because you know this means they’re totally falling in love with each other ahhhh I die and I am HERE FOR IT.


171 pages in

Scythe Faraday is DEAD? How DARE you. He gleaned himself? NO. WHY. HOW. WHY. NO.


174 pages in

Rowan’s sass gives me life.

Wait. My precious love birds are being split up? NOPE. Citra going with Curie: here for it. I want more of the Great Dame of Death. Rowan going with Goddard: not here for it. Not here for it at all. This is not cool; I must protect my sass baby.


Part 3: The Old Guard and the New Order

187 pages in

Scythe Curie terrifies me. But I have so much respect for her. She’s like your strict grandmother you love and revere but definitely don’t want to cross.


201 pages in

The Thunderhead terrifies me. But things we the reader take for granted are TOTALLY different than what they take for granted in the book. Citra doesn’t even know what murder is until now (OMG was Faraday murdered??). This book is really making me question everything!


218 pages in

I am so worried for Rowan. Is he corruptible? Goddard and crew are so terrible, and this is some next-level physical and mental abuse. But also, how do I get some pain-management nanites because I could really use those…


227 pages in

There’s a literal pit of disease inside this Tonist monastery. I’m very intrigued by this tuning fork. It both makes a lot of sense and is so comical. Like everything in this book, it a two-sided, double-edged sword (or I guess…fork).


250 pages in


292 pages in

I love the relationship between Citra and Rowan so much. They want so desperately to trust each other in this world where you never know who to trust. And we the readers know they believe in each other, while still seeing the doubts from their own eyes and AHH it’s just so well done. BUT Rowan, you broke? her? neck? COME ON.


316 pages in

WOW. This world of the Scythes is so corrupted. High Scythe Xenocrates has a daughter? What else is Goddard holding over him using her as leverage? Poor Esme, I like her. And I like how Rowan can’t help but be a big brother to her. *swoon*


327 pages in

Jumping off of Xenocrates’s roof is the best splat ever. I love how this has come full circle from Rowan’s friend splatting at the beginning. And damn, Citra, way to make an exit.

Part 4: MidMerican Fugitive

333 pages in

The Thunderhead speaks!!! It loves loopholes. I love loopholes! I suppose I shouldn’t be quite so scared of the Thunderhead?


368 pages in

YES YES YES Scythe Faraday isn’t dead! He’s just retired. In secret. Total #goals. I love him.


392 pages in

“I am what you made me,” Rowan says to Goddard before BURNING EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND. Yes, Rowan, YES.

Part 5: Scythehood

414 pages in

How is this going to end well? I love Rowan and Citra both so much and I want them both to succeed, but they can’t. And they still don’t trust each other, and yet they do. And this book is trying to tear me apart!

430 pages in

DAMN GIRL. First, Citra claps back at Xenocrates about her chosen name, Scythe Anastasia (holler!), and then she destroys the system and finds a way to save Rowan, all while looking cool, calm, and fab-u-lous!


432 pages in

“I love you,” he said.

“Same here,” she responded. “Now get lost.”

I’m DEAD. Someone grant me immunity because this book has rendered me dead-ish and I need to be revived so I can go read Thunderhead IMMEDIATELY.


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