Authors You Need to Follow On Social Media

May 23, 2019
Nicole Benevento
Riveted Editorial Board

Do you ever wonder what your favorite authors do in their free time when they are not writing their next bestselling novel? Or better yet, do you ever wonder what they do when they ARE working on their latest book? Luckily some authors give their fans an opportunity to get to know them a bit through their social media pages.

Here is a list of some of our favorite authors to follow on social media! Whether Instagram or Twitter is your social media platform of choice, we have some writers for you to check out!

Authors You Need to Follow On Social Media

Jenny Han

Brunch with my editor @zareennycca (not pictured)🍴

A post shared by Jenny Han (@jennyhan) on

Not sure about you, but after taking a look at Jenny Han’s Instagram account (@jennyhan), we can’t help but admire the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before author’s lifestyle. Between her amazing and unique fashion sense that’s just filled with personality and charm and the delicious meals that she is always trying, Jenny knows how to live her life in style. Check Jenny out if you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration or ideas for scrumptious dinner.

Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson, author of Save the Date, really knows how to give her followers a treat. Morgan’s Instagram Stories (@morgamat) are the star of the show and take her followers through her day-to-day routine with commentary from the author herself. She features her super cute dog, Murphy, all the time and keeps her followers up to date on her latest book news.


Cassandra Clare

New pink hair and something else new — check it out 😉 #qoaad

A post shared by Cassie Clare (@cassieclare1) on

Cassandra Clare, author of the famed Shadowhunter books, allows her fans to step into her Shadowhunters world. Since her books inspire such a wonderful online fan community, Cassie is constantly posting images of character art on her Instagram page (@cassieclare1), much to her fans’ delight. She is also always updating her social media platforms with sneak peaks about her series, whether she is participating in events or sharing snippets of her work. All Shadowhunters, all the time!


Jason Reynolds

Author of Long Way Down and the Track series, Jason Reynolds’ social media platforms will give you all the feels. One look at his Instagram page (@jasonreynolds83), and you can tell how much he appreciates his fans and wants to inspire them. Jason participates in a ton of school visits and bookstore events and often documents his experiences on social media. He is so humble about his amazing success, and reading about his accomplishments just makes you feel good inside. Jason’s love for his young readers makes you love him back!


Jenn Bennett

Love this! Gorgeous STARRY EYES 📷 by: @athousandbookstoread

A post shared by Jenn Bennett (@j3nn_benn) on

Get ready to feast your eyes on some GORGEOUS bookstagrams! Starry Eyes’ author Jenn Bennett really knows how to interact with her fans on social media. Her readers love to design breathtaking bookstagrams of Jenn’s books, which she will then repost on her own Instagram page (@j3nn_benn). She also shares images featuring the foreign editions of her books, which are stunning. Check out Jenn if you are in the mood to oogle beautiful books for hours!  (We can speak from experience – we’ve done it ourselves.)


Mary H.K. Choi

Goth at the function. Also pictured: banana laffy taffy as accoutrement

A post shared by Mary HK Choi 🔮 (@choitotheworld) on

Mary H.K. Choi, the author of recent New York Times Bestseller Emergency Contact, is the cool older sister we don’t have, but wish we did. While being a television and print journalist and writing a novel, she has somehow found a way to have a rich and vibrant social life, hanging out with her crazy cool friends. Mary is everything we want to be when we grow up and more (even if some of us are already grown up). Don’t know what we mean? Check her out on both Twitter and Instagram @choitotheworld.


Tim Federle

Author of The Great American Whatever and the Better Nate Than Ever series, Tim Federle is a comedic genius. Check out his Twitter account if you don’t believe us: @TimFederle.  Some of his tweets are so relatable that we have to remind ourselves that we weren’t the ones who wrote them. We doubt we’re the only ones who feel this way…


Sandhya Menon

And last, but not least, we have Sandhya Menon, author of the new There’s Something About Sweetie who is known for posting the most incredible behind the scenes information about her books and her writing process. She even wrote an amazing e-novella for all of her readers that always wanted to know what happened after the end of When Dimple Met Rishi! Sometimes even WE learn little secrets about her books and inspiration through her social media platforms.  In fact, before From Twinkle, with Love came out, Sandhya treated her fans (including us) to a behind the scenes scoop of her newest book on her Twitter (@smenonbooks). It was kind of impossible not to follow her after seeing that!

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