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Choose Who Will Be on The Iron Throne and Get a Book Rec

April 12, 2019
Caroline Osborn

Eight seasons of obsessing, discussing, arguing, theorizing, gasping, shipping, crying, cheering, and screaming at our TVs have come down to this: The final six episodes of Game of Thrones.

It’s anyone’s guess who will actually sit on the Iron Throne when the final credits roll. But no matter who you’d bend the knee for, we have a book rec for you.

Choose Who Will Be on The Iron Throne and Get a Book Rec

Jon Snow – Slayer by Kiersten White

Jon Snow is a chosen one hiding in plain sight. Recent revelations about his ancestry make him a prime candidate for rightful king, and he may even be the Prince that Was Promised.

Nina in Slayer would certainly empathize with Jon’s chosen one struggles. Thanks to Buffy Summers, Nina is not only the newest Slayer—she’s the last Slayer ever. As she grapples with incredible powers that she’s just beginning to understand, only one thing is clear. Being Chosen is easy. Making choices is hard.


Daenerys Targaryen – Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

Daenerys Targaryen wants to be queen, but she also wants to be a good queen. She knows all too well the feeling of being utterly powerless, and she’s not afraid of a little revolution on the way to a more equitable society.

The revolution is alive and well in Sky Without Stars, a sweeping reimagining of Les Misérables—in space! A thief, an officer, and a guardian all have a role to play in a dangerous game of revolution—and together they will shape the future of a planet.


Tyrion Lannister – The Cold Is in Her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale

When Tyrion Lannister was born, rumors traveled as far as Dorne that he had been born a monster. The truth was far less sensational, but his physical differences still defined him in the eyes of many—including his own father.

Just as Tyrion fought to prove himself, Milla from The Cold Is in Her Bones must show her terrified community that she doesn’t deserve to be imprisoned for demonic possession—even though two snakes are growing out of her head. In fact, Milla (like Tyrion) might be best poised to stop the real danger that threatens her community.


Sansa Stark – Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

If you love Sansa Stark, you love to see perfect girls realize that perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be. You love rule-followers who realize they’d be better off making their own rules.

That’s exactly what you’ll get in Girls With Sharp Sticks. The Girls of Innovations Academy are beautiful and well-behaved—until Mena and her friends uncover the dark secrets of what’s actually happening there, and they must learn to fight back.


Arya Stark – Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Joffrey. Cersei. The Mountain. Ilyn Payne. Arya Stark recites her hit list every night like a prayer. So it’s no surprise when she studies with the Faceless Men, formidable assassins who serve the god of death.

In Scythe , the Printz Honor book that kicks off Neal Shusterman’s ongoing trilogy, two teens must learn the “art” of taking a life, knowing that the consequence of failure could mean losing their own.


Cersei Lannister–  Lizzie by Dawn Ius

Cersei Lannister has made a lot of violent decisions, and yet we somehow can’t bring ourselves to hate her completely. She’s been denied opportunities offered to her brother, married off to a man who treated her poorly, haunted by a terrible prophecy, and forever fighting to protect her children against a world that wants them dead.

We sympathize with Cersei, just like we sympathize with the fictional modern teenage Lizzie Borden in Lizzie , a modern reimagining of the mysterious historic murder in which a teenage girl allegedly killed both of her parents.


Jaime Lannister– Dealing in Dreams by Lilliam Rivera

Jaime Lannister has slowly come to realize that the wealthy people with whom he grew up were actually terrible, but distancing himself from that power and familiarity has been a journey. Could the Kingslayer ever become…the king?

Nalah, from the fast-paced dystopian novel Dealing in Dreams , also has an opportunity to live in comfort and luxury—but it would mean betraying everyone she truly cares about, the people she knows are on the right side.

The things we do for love, right?


Brienne– Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

While everyone else mocked her plain appearance and considerable height, Brienne studied the blade. Now, she’s one of the most skilled fighters in Westeros, but that’s nothing compared to her deep sense of loyalty and justice.

She defies the social strictures of her gender for a chance at something more, just like Veronyka in Crown of Feathers, who disguises herself as a boy to join a secret group of warriors that ride phoenixes into battle. Brienne would approve!


Grey Worm– The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

Grey Worm was trained to see himself as a killing machine, a tool in his master’s hand. Watching him reclaim his personhood, fall in love, and become Dany’s trusted advisor has been a moving journey.

Nemesis in The Diabolic has a similar path. A humanoid teenager created to protect a galactic senator’s daughter, Nemesis would gladly kill and even die to fulfill her duty. But as the Empire begins to fracture, Nemesis learns that there is more to her than just deadly force, and that her humanity just might be the thing that saves her life—and the empire.


Yara Greyjoy – Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell

Yara Greyjoy should already be queen of the Iron Islands, if it weren’t for her meddling uncle. Her pirate swagger would serve her well in a leadership role, and she’s also proven herself to be compassionate and forward-thinking underneath her badass exterior.

She reminds us of Rowan, the cocky yet kind pirate king from Unhooked, whom heroine Gwen can’t help but fall for.


Melisandre– The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

In a fantasy world light on magic, we can always count on Melisandre to mumble strange prophecies, see visions in the flames, and be weirdly fine with human sacrifice on the regular.

If you can’t get enough of the Red Woman, The Wicked Deep will check all of your boxes: witches, ritualized murder, questioning violent traditions, and people not being in the bodies they’re supposed to be in….


Night King– Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Some people just want to watch the world burn freeze. If you’re cheering for the Night King and his shambling hordes, then you, my friend, are one of them.

If you like zombies so much, you’re really going to love Rot & Ruin. In a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic United States, Benny doesn’t want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother, but he has no choice. He expects a tedious job whacking zombies for cash, but what he gets is a vocation that will teach him what it means to be human.

Plus, film/TV rights just got picked up, so it could become your next adaptation obsession, after you bid a sad farewell to Game of Thrones.


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