How Do You Love Your Book?

February 22, 2019
Thandi Jackson

In this season where pink hearts are a-floating and cupid has struck all his arrows, love is on our minds and what better to love than a good book? Yet, love comes in all shapes and sizes and there is never just one way to love. So, can there also be multiple ways to love your book? How exactly do you care for it and keep it safe? Read below to see what kind of book lover you are.

How Do You Love Your Book?

1. No sharing…you want it allllll to yourself

We’ve all had that kind of book love, where you love it so much and the story is so special to your heart, you don’t want to give it up. Sometimes after reading a book, we really don’t want to give it back or lend it to that friend who wants to read it as well. For we were all into it; we laughed with it, we cried with it. We even got caught in the rain with it a few times and no one else can really understand the bond. You’ll recommend it until the end of time…just not your copy. Yeah don’t touch that one.

2. Jacket on…protective love

No, no, no, the jacket must stay on. We can’t have anything ruin our precious piece of art. The cover jacket is on there for a reason, my friends, the corners could get damaged, or the top could get scratched. Since we’re going to keep it for, like, ever, it needs to be in top shape and all the elements need to be together. Plus, we can’t stop looking at its gorgeous cover.

3. Jacket off…free caring

Ahh it’s fine! We are comfortable enough to have the jackets off. You know what they say, a little scratches and smudges can’t damage the strength of true love. The Jacket is nice but there’s just something about reading a book with the jacket off, it’s like more comforting.

4. Read it over and over

It’s not our fault, the story is just so good and so sweet. Let’s just read it over and over forever. Some books just steal your heart like no other and we can’t help but give in to those.

5. Take it everywhere you go

The train, the plane, the bus, school, the coffee shop…books are little worlds and it’s always a good idea to keep one close. Yes, sometimes it can be a little much to keep a big book in your arms or even in a bag, soooo just get a bigger bag. It’s hard to choose just one book to take somewhere, you’ll never know how you feel throughout the day, just bring all of them. With a good book, you’re never alone.

6. Write it love letters

Sometimes we love what’s in a book so much, we’ll highlight our favorite quotes or even draw a heart and put little messages in our favorite chapters. Sometimes you just gotta write it down. When it’s a good line, you don’t want to forget it or where it is.

7. Share the love

There is nothing like sharing the excitement of a good book. The only thing better than reading a book is talking to someone who loved it just as much as you. Then, you can go on for days about just how much you love it. The only thing better than love is double the love. It feels so nice to let someone else discover the type of love that brings you such joy.

8. Stick with it no matter what else tries to replace it

We all know that some of the best stories, scripts, and movies come from books. Yet, no matter how much praise the movie might get, don’t forget the true OG. Anytime we see a movie and it has the slightest difference, we throw our hands up and defend who the best really is. We all have that book where no matter how many movies or even other books come out of it, we will always love the original book the most. We will be its biggest fans and will always have its back. Nothing could ever replace true love!



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