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Books to Read If You Miss Your Favorite TV Show

January 23, 2019
Christian Vega

I’m sure you have a favorite TV show that you miss terribly. Even for the shows we love that are on break until the next season, it still feels like you’re waiting forever. When you find yourself missing your faves, we suggest you pick up a book that’s similar to fill that TV-shaped void in your heart.

Books to Read If You Miss Your Favorite TV Show

If you miss: Pretty Little Liars

You should read: This Lie Will Kill You

Who didn’t love “A” messing with Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily and the whole mystery behind who was sending their deepest, darkest secrets? And of course their actions having large consequences. If you tuned in to Pretty Little Liars each week or even binged it, This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher will be the perfect book for you.


If you miss: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You should read: Slayer

I mean, it is in the title. If you loved Buffy’s quips between the staking of the vampires, the complex relationships between the Scoobies, or the heavily relatable topics, Slayer is for you. It picks off where the show ended (and follows the comic canon for those who read them) and introduces the new – and last (!) – Slayer, Nina. Slayer by Kiersten White is a great read for Buffy devotees and those who just love dark fantasy action.


If you miss: Westworld

You should read: Strange Fire

We know we have a season 3 of Westworld! But we don’t know when it’ll be coming, which is the absolute worst. While we theorize what Delos Inc. will come up with next, and what Dolores will suffer through next to continue the android uprising – reading Strange Fire by Tommy Wallach will make the break between seasons less agonizing.


If you miss: Scandal

You should read: The Perfect Candidate


Ugh, how I do miss Scandal. The drama, the twists, the heart-wrenching love triangle between Oliva, Fitz and Jake. But the politics were the best part (for me, at least). If you miss the tension of each episode with the backdrop of Washington, D.C. The Perfect Candidate by Peter Stone is the book for you So grab some popcorn (or not, you don’t want your pages greasy)!


If you miss: The Handmaid’s Tale

You should read: Girls with Sharp Sticks


Similarly to Westworld, we’re getting another season of The Handmaid’s Tale! But we don’t know when we’ll get it just yet! So agonizing! If you miss the dystopian series that veers into real life topics and seems more like reality and not fiction, Suzanne Young’s Girls with Sharp Sticks is the book perfect to tide you over until the show is back on air.


If you miss: Game of Thrones

You should read: Crown of Feathers

The last season is so close yet so far. Will Jon Snow live? Will Daenerys live? Will anyone live? So many questions. If you’re looking for a high fantasy story that features all the drama and action of Game of Thrones, but with phoenixes? Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto is calling to you.


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