The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Checklist

December 20, 2018
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

The zombie apocalypse could hit at any time, but around Halloween, it always seems like it’s lurking right around the corner. You never know what kind of zombies you’re going to get (slow ones?  Quick ones?  How intelligent?), but it’s good to be prepared for anything.  Thanks to books like Rot & Ruin , movies like Zombieland, and TV shows like The Walking Dead, we have a pretty good idea of what one might need in a zombie-infested survival situation.  Here are my suggestions.


The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Checklist


Big backpack: you’ll need a trusty backpack for all of your stuff. This one’s large but also pack-able.

sleeping bag

Sleeping bag: who knows where you’re going to need to sleep. This one comes in lots of colors, but I’d go for black over the blood red or bright teal.


Folding shovel: You never know when you’re going to need to dig a hole. Or fight a zombie. This shovel is great for both and folds up really tiny.


Road Atlas: When your phone dies and you have no idea where you are and where you’re going, you’ll need a road atlas. This one includes the US, Mexico, and Canada.


Self powered flashlight/radio: Whether you’re exploring a possible new shelter or trying to find your way through zombie-infested woods at night, you’ll need a good flashlight. You’ll also need a radio to get the latest vague info on where there might be a safe zone or colony of survivors, so you can argue with your companions about whether it’s a good idea to head there. This is both, and it can charge by hand crank or solar power.


Rope: Everyone needs rope in survival situations.


Elevated tent-hammock: A quick and portable shelter that will keep you dry and off the ground so walkers can’t get you. I actually would like one of these right now, before the apocalypse. How fun does this thing look?

first aid

First aid kit: For obvious reasons. This one is specifically for “field trauma”—hopefully you’ll never need it, but someone else in your carefully-selected squad who is slower than you might.


Self filtering water straw: You never know when you’re going to need to drink out of a lake or a puddle or a toilet or something. That’s why you need a portable water filtration straw that removes 99.9999% of bacteria.


Multi-tool: A good multi-tool is always your friend. This one has a hammer, axe, and a couple of knives in it for hand-to-zombie combat. Also a bottle opener. Useful.


Fire sparker: Because matches get wet and lighters run out of fuel.  This one also includes a compass.  Multi-functional items are key so that your backpack isn’t too heavy when you are running from walkers…who always seem to catch up…even when you are running and they’re just shuffling along.  What’s up with that?


Zombie Survival Guide Deck: A lightweight, emergency crash-course in zombie apocalypse survival by expert Max Brooks. In case you haven’t been studying up by reading World War Z like me.


Solar Charger: To charge up your e-reader, because you obviously need to continue reading books and print books are too heavy to carry.

What else would be in your survival pack? And, more importantly, what books would you load your e-reader with?

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