Limitless Love for These Limitless Bookstagrams Photos

December 6, 2018
Kate Bouchard

We cannot stop talking about how gorgeous Leah Tinari’s Limitless book is! According to Instagram, it looks like people agree that this book is just photogenic in every way, in any background. We love the words and inspiring women inside the pages, and we Just. Can’t. Stop. Looking at it!

Limitless Love for These Limitless Bookstagrams Photos

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Another gorgeous find. I've seen this one hanging around on Instagram, but oh, to have it in my hands. SO PRETTY. Each page is actually, literally a work of art. See that cover? Every page inside is just like that: a gorgeous headshot of an incredible American woman. 💪 Some of my favorites include Carol Kaye, bass player extraordinaire, who "could do anything and leave men in the dust"; Lozen, warrior and prophet of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache, who helped save her people; Ray Eames, artist and designer, usually NOT recognized as an equal contributor to the Eames design legacy (Google "Eames lounge chair") and Yuri Kochiyama, mother of six and peace activist who among other things, played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement. 💪 I mean, we are talking about some seriously amazing women. Pair that with the unique and beautiful artwork and this is a stunning book. This is perfect for teens, but don't be afraid to read it to your younger ones, too! . . . #limitless #nolimits #anthology #amazingwomen #trailblazers #followyourdreams #girlsshine #heforshe #girlpower #girlscandoanything #girlsruletheworld #feminist #steminist #feminism #literacy #sisterhood #metoo #timesup #anthology #biography #nonfiction #kidlit #booksforteens #booksforkids #readingwithkids #raisingstronggirls #raisingdaughters #coverart #coffeetablebook #girlsreadtheworld

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I was drawn to this bookstagram because of this beautiful picture of the cover, but even more because of the incredible account that posted the photos. A whole bookstagram account about girl power and reading?! I can’t get enough!

There are so many reasons to be obsessed with this picture. A huge stack of Limitless books looking as amazing and empowering as ever, a trendy handbag, a tutu, and a pink fur coat. All I can say is I want to visit this store. Actually, I need to visit this store.

This picture caught my eye because it shows multiple of the women from Limitless. They all come from different backgrounds and all have left their mark on the world in different ways. Each picture inside of Limitless is so unique and really represents each woman, which I am so happy about. I wish I could hang each page up as a poster so I could be inspired by each woman first thing every morning!

I love the simplicity of this photo. It really lets the book speak for itself. But also I am loving @aranovich’s hashtag #buythisbook because BUY THIS BOOK.

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Nephew love #marsbar

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This is the author Leah Tinari’s son. I mean, there are no words for how incredible this picture is. The sunglasses, the intensity, the huge limitless wall art in the back. This is one cool kid who has one cool mom.

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I love this picture of another piece of Leah’s wall art based on the cover page of the book. The contrasting colors is perfect, but I mainly love how bold it is. It is the perfect reminder of how remarkable women are!

The pop of colors in this photo is everything!

Is it just me or are these books glowing? It’s not just me…they are definitely glowing.

One of Leah’s friends posted this photo and it’s just the sweetest. And I agree, this book does make the perfect gift. I want to gift it to myself and everyone I know!

A kids boutique called @anmeshop posted this photo of their window display before a book signing and I am obsessed! I love the idea of people walking by and seeing these empowering portraits of such great woman. It makes my heart so happy!

This instagrammer posted her signed copy of Limitless and it just proved Leah Tinari is the best. Women lifting women up!


My roundup of Limitless Bookstagrams is over, so I am going to go back to re-reading and then re-reading Limitless again and staring at all the portraits in awe. I am so grateful for Leah Tinari and this masterpiece she created, and I promise you this book will make you feel grateful too, and hopeful for the future of our world and the empowering women that fill it!

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