Your Ultimate YA Gift Guide

November 30, 2018
Jasmine Hodge
Riveted Editorial Board

The holidays are coming up, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting your friends and family gifts to show your appreciation and love! Here at Riveted by Simon Teen, we have something for everyone – readers, writers, booklovers, that one second cousin you see once a year, you name it! Below are some of our favorite posts that will help you find the perfect gift for anyone in your life – and maybe even something you can pass along that you’d like for yourself!


1. For your friend the fantasy lover:

Check out this list of 10 Young Adult Fantasy Books You Have to Read.


2. For your friend who wishes it was summer all year round:

Here are 9 Books That Take Place on a Beach. Pull out the sunscreen, towels, and one of these books (and have a beach day in your living room).



3. So you can finally get your family to love sci-fi as much as you do:

Check out these 6 Electrifying Science Fictions Reads for Newbies!


4. For the person in your life who loves to write,

Here are 10 Pens That Will Change Your Life.


5. For that friend who likes to pile their books on the floor instead of on a shelf:

Help them de-clutter and take a look at The Perfect Bookends to Match Your Reading Nook.


6. For the politically active, socially woke person in your life:

Consider gifting one of the books on our list, Compelling Books You Should Read Before You Vote.


7. For the artist in your life that likes the cover of their books to be as beautiful as the words inside them:

Check out these 10 Gorgeously Illustrated YA Book Covers That We Can’t Stop Staring At.


8. For the one person you know who thinks the movie is better than the book but has never read it:

Gift them one the books on our 13 YA Books Being Made Into Movies That You Need to Read ASAP list.


9. If anyone you know likes film or photography:

This list of the 5 Books Perfect for Film and Photography Lovers might hit the spot!


10. For all the feminists in your life (or just, like, every person you know):

Check out these 5 Must-Read Books for Budding Feminists.


11. For the writers, journal-ers, doodlers, or that one distant relative you know nothing about:

Consider one of these 25+ Notebooks Every Bookish Person Must Have.


12. Because love is love and you can never have enough of it:

Check out these 15 YA LGBTQIA+ Books You Need to Read ASAP.


13. For the history lovers in your life:

Take a look at these 8 Historical Fiction Books  You Don’t Want to Miss.


14. For the person who prefers audio books, or the person who is hesitant to try them:

Try these 7 Captivating Must-Listens.


15. Lastly, if there is someone in your life that somehow doesn’t share your bookish tendencies (unlikely but you never know!):

Here is a list of 30+ Bookish Gifts That Aren’t Books that you can use to lure them to the dark side. We have cookies (and books)!

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