The Lara Jean Halloween Costumes We Are Obsessed With

October 30, 2018
Emily Ritter

We have been *living* for all the Lara Jean and Peter K love since the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movie came out on Netflix in August. And the love doesn’t stop! We are so excited to see so many people dressing up as Lara Jean for Halloween. Here we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorite costumes, inspired by these amazing tweets from Jenny Han.




One of the most epic shots from the movie, now in Halloween costume form!


The details here are perfect.


Love the scrunchie!


That jacket tho!


Heeeeey Peter K!


Love the letter!


Wow. This outfit is spot-on!


These are all perfect.


A perfect pair.


Even more perfect pairs!


We love the authentic backgrounds!


Where can we get that sweater?


Yes, hello, where can we get a Peter K standee?


The floral accents are so amazing.


Woah woah woah, we can’t handle this.


The Song sisters!!


Peter is getting so many letters.


These girls have their poses down!


They’ve perfected the poster.


Amazing backgrounds!


The DETAILS here! Do you see that scrunchie?


This is way too cute.


Lana, is that you?


No seriously, is that Lana?


A+ staging.


Major swoon.


So cute!


Truly iconic.


We can’t get enough of these sweaters.


So many amazing boyfriends!


Obsessed with everyone’s shorts.


1000 points for including the puppy!!


Love it.


I need a pink sweater asap.


This costume wins Halloween!!




The epitome of adorable.


That little sweater!


A scrunchie has never looked cuter.


That letter is almost as big as she is!


We need this outfit.


The ponytail is perfection.


*looks up address to find Peter K*


Ok this background tho.


We <3 this.


So much Korean yogurt!


More amazing sweaters!


Honestly, the pink jacket is key.


Thank you to Jenny Han for sharing all of these and thank YOU to all the amazing fans who dressed as Lara Jean!



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