9 Bookish Travel Essentials Every Die-Hard Reader Needs to Pack

March 23, 2018
Jess Harold
Riveted Editorial Board

So, you’ve got a fun trip coming up, which is great! But you can’t decide what to pack, which is less great. What books do you bring? How will you know what this unpredictable weather is doing? Did you pack your passport? Do you need your passport?? These are all pressing questions. While we can only advise you to bring two books (plus a third for backup!) and keep the Weather app on your phone open at all times, we can help with some of the other stuff. Here are some must-haves we found that will make traveling and vacationing easier!

9 Bookish Travel Essentials Every Die-Hard Reader Needs to Pack

Portable Book Light

This is a LIFE essential, not just for travel! For days when you’re worried about disrupting a roommate, your bus/train/plane neighbor en route to your destination, or just can’t quite reach your bedside lamp, this is a perfect portable light for reading. Bonus: it can even double as a bookmark!

Source: Soonhua 

Cloth Book Weight

Once you’ve cycled through all your reading positions, this convenient book weight will allow you to rearrange yourself more comfortably without needing to hold your book open.

Source: DragoninKnots 


No travel list is complete without the cozy essentials! You never know when you’ll need a sweater when the plane or your destination is chillier than you expected.

Source: Literary Emporium 

Infinity Scarf

And when the sweater isn’t enough, a customizable infinity scarf should keep you bundled.

Source: Litographs


If you’re taking off your shoes at the security check, give everyone something cute to look at!

Source: Out of Print Clothing 

Secret Book Safe

This isn’t ideal for traveling, but this book safe will store all of your most precious items, like your passport, for safekeeping at home.

Source: Secrets of Storage Books 

Travel Wallet

Normally, the best way to avoid stress when you’re traveling is to hold onto your tried and true storage, like your wallet. But this travel wallet has literally a catch-all for each and every hotel confirmation, train ticket, and foreign currency you’ll need! There’s even a place for your passport!

Source: Disaster Designs via Modcloth 


Always, always bring a notebook when you travel! You’ll need it for more than just writing down directions. Check out this post for more ideas!

Source: Kit Cronk via Society6

A Tent

This two-person tent is a must-have for summer, especially if you find yourself stranded in the woods like Zorie and Lennon in Jenn Bennett’s must-read summer romance, Starry Eyes!

Source: Field Candy 

Love camping? (Or books about camping?) Pick up Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett!

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