6 Can’t Miss Thrillers to Read Right Now

December 12, 2017
Jennifer Wattley
Riveted Editoral Board

Is there anything better than the gripping tension of a thriller? For me, the driving need to get to the next page, then the next, then the next until you’ve unraveled the mystery is one of the best parts of reading a thriller…even if I have to hide under the covers to do it! Here’s 6 can’t miss novels you’ve got to read if you’re a mystery fan like me.

A Void the Size of the World


Rhylee has to face the consequences of her actions after her sister disappears into the dark woods…and never comes home.

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces


In an effort to protect her best friend from more heartbreak, Sasha poses as someone she’s not with far reaching consequences.


Here Lies Daniel Tate


A young con artist poses as Daniel Tate, a boy who went missing years ago. His family is thrilled he’s returned to them, but the young con man soon comes to find out that Daniel’s life and family isn’t all they seem.


Strange Truth


After a cheerleader hurls herself off a bridge into the Chattahoochee River, Benny and Virginia go on a fact finding mission to uncover the reasons why.


Strange Lies


Benny and Virginia are back doing their best to find out whether the maiming of the Winship Academy student body president was an accident or intentional.


Three Truths and a Lie


Four friends gather in the woods for a weekend of fun until secrets threaten their friendships–and their lives.

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