Bookish DIY Halloween Decorations

October 20, 2017
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board

Do you dream about casting a spell so you can dine beneath ceilings of floating candles and recite eerie lines from your favorite book (of spells) while you tiptoe through a haunted forest? Halloween is the perfect time to make this transformation. Grab your favorite spine-chilling books and get ready to transform your home into a creepy abode where your favorite fictional worlds can come alive.

Have your trees be the first to greet any unexpected guests by making ominous eyeballs from reflective materials. At night, it will really feel like they’re going Through the Woods.

Riveted - Halloween DIY 10


Make a graveyard in your own yard of your favorite horror authors’ headstones.

Riveted - Halloween DIY 11


Pumpkins are always a versatile medium for painting your favorite book quotes, carving your favorite characters, or even Mod Podging pages of your favorite book (if you have multiple copies and can spare the raggedy paperback for this one).  (Source)

Riveted - Halloween DIY 5


What’s Halloween without a good dose of melancholic pumpkins with Edgar Allan Poe’s face carved into them?

Riveted - Halloween DIY


You can add to the gloom by placing some (dead) plants inside jars to create little displays with your oldest books and and ravens of all kinds (maybe even An Enchantment of Ravens).

Riveted - Halloween DIY 2


The rest of your books can be wrapped up and disguised as big spell books. (Source)

Riveted - Halloween DIY 3


These books are best read beneath the glow of these floating candles, made from paper towel rolls, hot glue for the melting wax around the edges, and electric tea lights. Just use some fishing wire and tape magic to make them float from the ceiling.

Riveted - Halloween DIY 7


Other flying decorations can include a macabre flock of faeries in the spirit of Holly Black’s Tithe. (Source)

Riveted - Halloween DIY 6.5


These eye-catching roses feel like they’re from the Unwind Dystology.

Riveted - Halloween DIY 8


Glue some cogs, bolts, and washers to regular plastic spiders to give them some Mortal Instruments steampunk flair.

Riveted - Halloween DIY 9


Bake up some kooky cookies inspired by the cover of Book of Shadows. (Source)

Riveted - Halloween DIY 4


Let us know in the comments if you try any of these DIY projects or if you have other book-related spooky settings you’d like to transform your home into for the holiday. Have a hauntingly good Halloween!

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