10 Reasons Why Clary Fray is AMAZING

October 16, 2017
Jill Hacking
Riveted Editorial Board

I am so SO excited about the City of Bones Tenth Anniversary Edition for a lot of reasons (have you seen the cover?!), but one of the top being that Clary is back! Clary definitely has earned her place among the most amazing YA Heroines. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary release, here are 10 reasons why Clary rules.

1. She is fiercely loyal. She will do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves no matter what.

2. She gets stuff done. Clary doesn’t wait for someone else to tell her how to solve problems. She just goes for it.

3. She’s creative. Clary is an incredible artist, and she uses those skills to make change!

4. She’s independent. While Clary certainly has romantic relationships (TEAM JACE FOREVER), she’s still her own person.

5. She’s adaptable. If I were thrown into a world I didn’t know existed, I think I’d take a bit more time freaking out. But Clary doesn’t; she picks herself up and gets to work finding her mom.

6. She’s a good friend. Even when things get awkward or complicated, she’s still there for her friends.

7. She’s a good fighter. I’m not saying I want to learn to fight with Seraph blades myself, but it’s compelling to follow her getting better and better.

8. She lets herself be not okay sometimes. Clary experiences serious trauma and loss, and she doesn’t pretend like it hasn’t hurt her. She carries the emotional scars and lets them be a part of her.

9. She’s not perfect. Clary’s actions hurt other people unintentionally sometimes, and she has to deal with those consequences. It’s refreshing to see her grapple with that.

10. She’s a Shadowhunter. I mean come on!

Do you have other things you love about Clary Fray? Share in the comments!

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