Fury Fan Art

September 1, 2017
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board

“Three Girls. Three spirits. Three demons. Three witches. They’re these three spirits who have been around forever.” You can read about these three beautiful, mysterious girls in Fury by Elizabeth Miles, available right now as a free read!

The furies in the novel are loosely based on the the Erinyes in Greek mythologies, deities of vengeance. They’re typically depicted as crones with blood-shot eyes with snakes for hair and wings. I’ve used some of these classic elements in my interpretation, but also made them younger with the signature features they’re described with in Fury. There’s Meg, the pixie girl with a scarlet choker around her neck; Ty, with fiery red flowing hair; and Ali, with bright blood-red lipstick. They seek revenge by punishing high schoolers for their misdeeds and reckless behavior. They leave a trail of red orchid petals in the path of their destruction as a warning before they wreak havoc and torment their chosen victims.

Let us know in the comments how you imagine these creatures or show us your own fan art!

Riveted - Fury Fan Art

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