A Glossary of Zombie Nicknames

August 23, 2017
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

If the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll need to know what to call the undead creatures that have taken over your neighborhood. You wouldn’t want to be the clueless person running around shouting, “Please, someone help me, there’s a…thing…after me!”  To that end, here is a helpful glossary of the wide range of zombie monikers used by our favorite characters.

1. Rot & Ruin Series: Zoms. The abbreviated term for the undead menace, because who has time to say the whole word when you’re running from them?
rot and ruin

2. The Walking Dead: While the prevalent name used by our main characters is walker, other characters on the show have used a wide variety of terms including biter, creeper, dead one, geek, and roamer.

3. The Girl with All the Gifts: The infected in this book are called hungries. Pretty descriptive.

4. Game of Thrones: White Walkers. Makes sense, because they’re kind of like ice-ghost zombies. *shivers*

5. iZombie: Good old plain “zombie.”

6. Warm Bodies: In this world, the Dead are separated into two categories—Fleshies, zombies that still have flesh, and Bonies, zombies that…don’t.

7. World War Z: Zombies have a wide range of names including the living dead, the undead, ghouls, saifu, zack, zed heads, and g’s.

8. 28 Days Later: The infected. Yuck.

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