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5 Reasons to Read Out of Control

August 9, 2017
Jill Hacking
Riveted Editorial Board

New York City is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of stories because it always seems to be just on the line between reality and something else. There’s this understanding that at any moment, anything can happen and it wouldn’t surprise you because you’re in NYC. Like sure, you could just go to NYC to stay with your dad’s friends for a relaxing week of sightseeing while he’s away on business, but you wouldn’t really bat an eye at the possibility that you could become the target of a mysterious murderous hunt either. It happens! Well, it happens in the first few pages of Out of Control by Sarah Alderson, which you can read for free until August 14!

This book is action-packed, with an intense mystery and amazing characters. It will lure you in on the first page and keep you on the edge of your seat until the last! Ok, I know I’m being vague. Here are 5 concrete reasons why you need to read this book.


1. The Action

A girl and a car thief on the run? This could totally be the formula for some campy, one-dimensional action story. But this book pushes past any labels or stereotypes and presents relatable characters in a situation out of their control (see what I did there??). That being said, the action was actually great. There were some really intense, well-crafted moments. I’m a person whose feelings are always visible on my face, and I definitely got some concerned looks while reading this in public. Someone actually asked me if I was ok.


2. Livia

I loved Livia. There were a few times I wanted to shake her for being so naive, but I realized I for sure wouldn’t be any better in those situations. Plus, she’s actually incredibly strong and capable, and regularly saves Jay’s life. Her weaknesses and challenges made perfect sense in the context of her life, but ultimately, she finds the strength to push past them.


3. Livia’s Abnormal Backstory

Livia has not had a normal life. In fact, one might argue that being chased in NYC is the most typical thing to happen to her yet. She grew up with a bodyguard, went to a school that had high level security walls, and had survived multiple kidnapping attempts. She’s also an adrenaline junkie who loves climbing as high as she can. All of this makes for some amazing character history and development. It also means that there are some interesting and sketchy characters that show up in her life.


4. Jay Moreno

Sorry I’m not sorry for being this person, but wowza, Jay Moreno (short for Jaime) is a dreamboat. Livia makes initial judgements about him, but he proves her wrong and becomes her perfect on-the-run partner. He’s also incredibly kind (which ALWAYS gets me with book bfs), and shows that he’s a loyal friend.


5. The Mystery

So what the heck is actually going on? What is the mysterious hunt for her life? Why are gunmen after her? Why do people keep dying around her? The answer is not what I expected, and the repercussions of that answer made me respect Liva even more. Read it for free til August 14!

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