Thoughts While Looking at the Saints and Misfits Cover

July 27, 2017
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

Saints and Misfits has been on my radar since I saw the cover thumbnail on my computer screen ages ago. It drew me in immediately, but I was unprepared for how much this gorgeous cover would blow me away in person! It’s so so beautiful that I felt compelled to let you guys know what I thought about it! Check out 18 thoughts I had while looking at the Saints and Misfits cover. Then go read the extended excerpt available through July 31st.

1. The first things I notice immediately are the colors! This is a gorgeous combination and I’m obsessed with how the yellow fades into pink. It reminds me of a sunset.

2. is such an intriguing name…I wonder what it could be about.

3. The lettering of the title is so nicely done that it looks like it was hand done with a paintbrush.

4. Plus the title is shiny! I LOVE shiny titles.

5. I like the way the girl on the front is ever so slightly in front of the title.

6. It’s great to see a Muslim American girl being represented front and center on this cover…we need more like this!

7. Also, where can I buy those shoes??

8. I wonder what a camera has to do with the plot…

9. Flipping it over, the back is just as gorgeous as the front, plus there’s an excerpt!

10. *Pauses to read excerpt*

11. And now I’m weirdly looking at everyone’s arms.

12. …back to the cover…

13. I love the design work that frames the excerpt.

14. Now looking inside at the front flap, the pink and yellow color scheme continues.

15. And now, there’s a third element thrown in: Monsters.

16. All I can think about now is how badly I want to read this book!

17. I need to dive into it NOW.

18. *is reading*

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